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The new Human Resources Strategy, Working Together: A Strategy for Success, in tandem with the Promoting Excellence Project, sets the tone for the University’s relationship with its staff. We are a community and our collective strength allows us to achieve more than each of us can do individually. Together we want to maximise our achievements and enable everyone to operate to the best of their abilities. It is vital to celebrate success, to encourage staff to be aspirational about their work and to recognise and reward them for their contributions.

The Values for Working Together aim to provide a framework within which the University community can work together effectively toward the achievement of excellence. The University will provide a working environment and experience that reflects these values and expects all colleagues to conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with them.

The Professional Behaviours illustrate the types of activity that the University believes will promote excellence. They are intended to be applicable to all staff at the University and can be adapted to reflect the particular needs and circumstances of different roles. They are intended to act as a guide, rather than a prescriptive check list, of the types of behaviour the University will recognise, reward and encourage in the promotion of excellence. They are:

  • Achieving results;
  • Demonstrating excellence;
  • Finding innovative solutions;
  • Embracing and enabling change;
  • Developing self and others; and
  • Working together

Aims of Rewarding Excellence

Celebrating Success and Rewarding Excellence are key to ensuring that employees are rewarded and recognised for their contributions to the University. The Rewarding Excellence framework aims:

  • To provide staff with a tangible reward for a sustained, outstanding contribution within their role;
  • To assist progress towards achieving the objectives of the University by motivating staff to achieve excellence; and
  • To reinforce the values of the University by acknowledging achievements which embody those values;

Please note that the Rewarding Excellence arrangements are separate to the Re-Grading procedures and the merit-based promotion arrangements for Academic and Research staff, details of which are available on the website or from the University Secretary.

Types of Award

The University has a suite of arrangements for encouraging, recognising and rewarding staff for exceptional performance and for their contribution to the achievement of the University’s aims. These include:

  • Celebrating Success Vouchers;
  • Lump Sum Awards;
  • Accelerated incremental progression;
  • Contribution points; and
  • Merit based promotion.

Celebrating Success Vouchers – provide immediate recognition for a job well done, or for demonstration of positive professional behaviours.

View the Celebrating Success website.

Lump Sum Award – rewards those who can demonstrate outstanding achievement or excellence of a short-term nature, which is worthy of particular note.  

Please note the Lump Sum Approval Form is now available on-line and can be accessed by clicking on this link:

 Additional Increments/Contribution Points - are designed to reflect excellent performance over and above the normal requirements of the role, sustained over a longer period of time, where there is a reasonable expectation to believe that it will continue to be so. The University’s pay and grading structure allows for normal incremental progression within a grade to reflect the acquisition of skill, knowledge and expertise that comes with experience. Above each grade are a number of additional points (contribution points), which allow for further salary progression to reflect sustained excellence and outstanding contribution.

Additional Increments and Contribution Points are permanent increases to salary, which are subject to statutory deductions (tax and NI) and are superannuable.

Merit-based Promotion (to the next higher grade) – is the highest reward recognising sustained exceptional performance, where the individual has consistently out-performed against objectives and their performance has far exceeded normal expectations for the role. The criteria for Research staff seeking promotion from Grade 6 to Grade 7 can be found at:

Merit-based promotion is distinct from re-grading. Re-Grading is where a role has undergone substantive and material changes and there has been a clear increase in the level and nature of the duties and responsibilities of the role. Please refer to the Re-Grading Procedures, or speak to your HR Partner for further information.

Long Service Award

The University values the contribution of all staff and feels that it is important to recognise the commitment and loyalty of long-serving staff. All staff are eligible for a Long Service Award upon completion of 21 years' continuous service with the University.

The award takes the form of an email and certificate and gift vouchers to the value of £200.

Heads of School/Function and relevant managers will be notified in advance of staff approaching 21 years' service who will be eligible for an award.

Please contact for further information.


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