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Values and Behaviours

Through the Staff Survey 2011 colleagues expressed a strong desire to better understand the vision for the University and the University priorities, and see how their individual role and objectives contributed to the achievement of the University's strategic objectives.

The University's overall objectives are articulated via the University Strategy.  The Values for Working Together and the Professional Behaviours complement this, and together help to provide clarity about common objectives and purpose, and the ways in which we can most productively work together.

The Values for Working Together aim to provide a framework within which the University community can work together effectively toward the achievement of excellence. The University will provide a working environment and experience that reflects these values and expects all colleagues to conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with them.

The Professional Behaviours illustrate the types of activity that the University believes will promote excellence. They are intended to be applicable to all staff at the University and can be adapted to reflect the particular needs and circumstances of different roles. They are intended to act as a guide, rather than a prescriptive check list, of the behaviours the University will recognise, reward and endorse.

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