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Selection of Candidates

When you recruit a student or temporary worker through Campus Jobs, we will advertise the vacancy on your behalf and gather the applications. After the closing date has passed, we will send you an Excel spreadsheet containing the applicants' details and their application answers. If you have requested a CV, we will also send you a “CV Book”. (Please see “What is a CV Book?” below.)

Alternatively, you can use Campus Jobs to recruit a candidate you have already identified. In this instance, please contact us on 0118 378 4499 to discuss your requirements. We will help you devise a description of the assignment and select the appropriate rate of pay. Please note: you will still need to obtain financial approval via a Recruitment Gateway request.

Once approval has been obtained, we will contact the pre-selected candidate on your behalf. If they have not registered for Campus Jobs, we will contact them regarding completing a right to work check and accepting the Campus Jobs terms and conditions for this academic year. Once these steps are complete they will need to accept an assignment offer. (Please see the Student journey through Campus Jobs [pdf].)

What is a CV Book?

The recruitment process is managed via the Campus Jobs portal. The portal allows us to compile a PDF containing all the CVs and/or applications for your vacancy. This PDF is called a “CV Book”. (For your convenience, the CV Book includes an index page of all the candidates for your vacancy.)

We will also provide an Excel report with all the candidates’ details. This will include a column for you to indicate which candidates have been shortlisted. From time to time, we may include other columns for you to provide additional information that we require. Please ensure that these columns are completed before returning the spreadsheet to us.


Shortlisting and interviewing candidates

Recruiting Managers are free to choose who undertakes an assignment in their department – Campus Jobs will not be involved in shortlisting or interviewing candidates.

You must ensure that you have completed Recruitment and Selection training prior to reviewing any applications or completing interviews. We also advise that more than 1 person is involved in the shortlisting and interviewing process.


Once you have shortlisted the candidates you would like to interview, make sure you contact them using the email address from the application report to arrange a suitable time for the interview.


All interviews must be proportionate to the role advertised. For a photocopying or data entry role, a short telephone interview would suffice. For roles with greater responsibility, for longer periods of time (for example, Student Demonstrator) a formal interview is required. This may involve a panel with two or more members.


Providing selection feedback

As part of the recruitment process, Campus Jobs will contact candidates to let them know if their application was successful.

We encourage Recruiting Managers to provide selection feedback that is proportionate to the role advertised, and to the amount of time invested by candidates. This is not a requirement for all vacancies, but we welcome constructive feedback where it is appropriate.

Constructive feedback can be vital to a student’s career development, providing them with tips for future applications and helping them to improve their interview technique.


Right to Work

Before a candidate starts their assignment, we must ensure that they have the right to live and work in the UK (please see our Working Restrictions page). This process will be managed by Campus Jobs.

We will also issue all workers with a contract and/or assignment letter (see the Student journey through Campus Jobs [pdf].)

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