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Leaving information for employees

Leaving the University: Information for staff


There are certain administrative procedures to be followed to ensure that your end of employment is completed effectively.

Actions to complete prior to your last working day

1. Check your Employee Self-Service (ESS) account

Log into ESS by accessing it via (You will not be able to access ESS after your last working day).

Annual Leave
Please ensure that any of your outstanding annual leave is booked via ESS before the 10th of the month you are leaving. Ideally, you will have taken or booked all leave prior to your last day of employment. Any outstanding leave recorded on your ESS Record will be repaid to you if it is evident you have been accessing the system to book annual leave. If however, you have taken more days of leave than you have accrued up to your final date of employment, a deduction will be made from your final salary payment. (Please note the repayment of outstanding leave does not apply to employees leaving a fixed term contract.)

*Please note, if on a fixed term contract, accrued holiday entitlement must be taken by the date of the expiry of the contract.

Print copies of payslips and P60s
Please be aware that if you have been receiving e-slips rather than paper payslips, when you leave the University you will no longer be able to access previous copies of these documents. Please log in to ESS before your leaving date and print off (or email to a personal email address) any previous copies of payslips or P60s you may require.

If you are due a payment after your leaving date, please ensure you have updated the email information to your personal email address, so your payslip is forwarded to you.

Home address
If you are planning to move house, update your home address on ESS in case correspondence needs to be forwarded to you.

HESA details
click here to tell us about your Activity and Location after leaving. For more information on why we need these details please visit the HESA website. Please note that this information will not be seen by your manager.

2. Pay and Benefits

If you are participating in any of the following schemes, you must notify Human Resources immediately and follow the cancellation procedures relevant to the scheme (as contained within the scheme documentation):

Bus to Work
You must notify HR via and Reading Buses will be instructed to cancel your card.

You must notify HR via You are liable for any outstanding payments and these will be deducted from your final salary payment. If this is not sufficient, you will be required to arrange an alternative method of payment before your last day of employment.

Childcare Vouchers
You must notify Computershare on: 0345 002 1111 to cancel.

If you have not already done so, you must contact Zenith on 0370 732 4415 and complete a cancellation form. You must liaise with Zenith to arrange the collection of your car which must be no later than your last day of employment. You are liable for any early termination or end of contract charges (e.g. damage beyond fair wear and tear, missing items, excess mileage). These will be deducted from your final salary payment. If this is not sufficient, you will be required to arrange an alternative method of payment before your last day of employment.

Season Ticket Loan
You must notify HR via You are liable for any outstanding payments and these will be deducted from your final salary payment. If this is not sufficient, you will be required to arrange an alternative method of payment before your last day of employment.

Celebrating Success
If you have received a Celebrating Success Award, you should redeem it before your last day of employment, as it will become null and void after you leave.


Campus Card

You must ensure that you have used all funds that you may have on your Campus Card as funds are non-refundable and your card cannot be used once you have left employment.

3. University email account

i) You are not entitled to access your University computer/email account after you have left. If your Head of School/Department requires you to retain access to IT facilities, they must write to IT requesting this and giving the length of time this access is required.

You need to delete from the University computer systems any data files which you are not content for the University to use or dispose of at its sole discretion.

You should be aware that your user accounts may need to be accessed by authorised staff following de-registration if such access is in the legitimate interests of the University (in line with section 4.1.3 Rules for the Use of University Computers and Data Networks, which can be accessed here).

ii) To ensure there is no compromise to University information please refer to
this link and ensure these actions are completed prior to leaving.

iii) If you are the sponsor for any External Visitor University IT accounts please email with the name and email address of the current employee who will be taking over the responsibility and sponsorship for these accounts after you leave.

4. Returning items to the University

Where applicable please return:

- Any mobile phones, tablets, laptops or other University equipment;
- Any keys or security access card to your Reporting Manager;
- Your car parking permit to Reception in Whiteknights House;
- Your purchase card to the Finance Office;
- Any other items of University property in your possession

If you are in the Mycar car leasing scheme you will need to make suitable arrangements to return your vehicle on your last day of employment.

5. Check with the Finance Department

Before you leave the University would you please check with Finance that you do not have any debts (particularly travel advances) outstanding.

6. Check in with the HR Systems Team

If you are a recipient of any reports from the HR Systems team please let them know who should receive these reports in future by emailing

7. Information for Tier 2 sponsored employees

Please note that if your last day of employment precedes the expiry of your Tier 2 Sponsorship Human Resources will notify UKVI that you are no longer being sponsored.

8. Leaver Questionnaire

We would like to ask you a few questions in relation to your employment at the University and your reasons for leaving. To access the confidential leaver questionnaire please click here.

9. The Friends of the University

The Friends of the University is a way of supporting and remaining involved with the University after leaving. For further information click on the following link or email

10. Queries

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the HR team on 0118 378 8751 or via email if you have any queries.