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Professional Experts

Professional Experts are appointed to undertake specific, limited and one-off pieces of work over a short and defined timescale.  They might provide a single or a series of guest lectures or seminars, based on their professional or subject expertise, normally in the area or practice of the subject they are teaching. Normally this contribution would be limited to a single or one-off episode during the course of an academic year, but may re-occur on an annual basis, and will be contained within a module convened by University academic staff. 

Public and patient involvement (PPI) activities where the public might get involved in research including member of a steering group, commenting on and developing patient information leaflets, identifying research priorities, carrying out research as a user and/or carer researchers can also be reimbursed using the Professional Expert Payment form.
Professional Experts arrangements replace those for Visiting Lecturers.   Appointments for any more substantial, but time limited contribution to Undergraduate teaching should be undertaken by substantive academic staff and/or Associate Lecturers.
Professional experts are not employees and will not require or receive a University username, email-address or access to University systems. Rates of pay are negotiable within reason and are payable as a fees payment along with agreed expenses, where appropriate.
All work must be approved in advance by the appropriate person in the School.  Payments will only be made for work undertaken and completed to a satisfactory standard.  Completed and signed off forms to be sent to Payroll  (

Please make sure to always use the most up to date version of theProfessional Expert Payment form as old versions received will be rejected. We recommend not keeping a local copy but to access it through the web pages when needed to make sure the correct form is used.