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Reward and Recognition

Aims of Rewarding Excellence

The University encourages, recognises and values the hard work, commitment and achievements of all staff. We aim to:

  • Provide staff with a tangible reward for outstanding contributions;
  • Assist progress towards achieving the objectives of the University by motivating staff to achieve excellence;
  • Reinforce the Values for Working Together and the Professional Behaviours of the University by acknowledging achievements which embody those values and behaviours.

Types of Award

The University has a suite of arrangements for rewarding staff which include:

  • Celebrating Success Vouchers;
  • Lump Sum Awards;
  • Additional Incremental Progression/Contribution Points;
  • Long Service Awards.

Celebrating Success Vouchers - an on-line scheme to provide immediate recognition for a job well done or for demonstrating positive professional behaviours.

Lump Sum Awards - provide recognition to any member of staff whose exceptional contribution on a one-off or short-term basis has been outstanding and is worthy of particular note.

Additional Increments Contribution Points - reward staff who have consistently performed well, over a significant period of time, in all areas of their jobs and who have demonstrated exceptional performance considerably above what may be reasonably expected for their grade, and where there is a reasonable expectation to believe that it will continue to be so.

Additional Increments/Contribution Points are permanent increases to salary, which are subject to statutory deductions (tax and NI) and are superannuable.

Please note that these arrangements are separate and distinct from the Academic Promotions process and the Re-grading process. Rewarding Excellence looks at an individual's performance, whereas re-grading considers the type and level of the duties and responsibilities required for the role. Please refer to the re-grading procedures, or speak to your HR Partner for further information.

Long Service Award
- the University values the contribution of all staff and feels that it is important to recognise the commitment and loyalty of long-serving staff. All staff are eligible for a Long Service Award upon completion of 21 years' continuous service with the University.

The award takes the form of an email and certificate and gift vouchers to the value of £200. Heads of School/Function and relevant managers will be notified in advance of staff approaching 21 years' service who will be eligible for an award.

Please contact for further information.