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Principles of Campus Jobs

This page contains the key principles of the Campus Jobs Service. For information on the scope of Campus Jobs, how and when to recruit a student worker, and rates of pay, please see the Campus Jobs page.

General principles

  • University employees cannot register with Campus Jobs for temporary work. (Employees may undertake additional work, but such work must be provided via overtime and/or amendments to employment contracts, not through Campus Jobs.)
  • Individuals who secure work through Campus Jobs will be classed as workers, not employees of the University.
  • Students should not work more than 20 hours per week during term-time.
  • A Campus Jobs Temp (non-student worker) cannot be engaged in a single assignment for an initial period of more than three months. An assignment may be extended for a further three months, if required.

Expectations of Recruiting Managers

  • Recognise and promote the value of open recruitment.
  • Ensure that no promise of work is made, even informally, until Campus Jobs has confirmed that an individual has the necessary right to work.
  • Ensure that any risks to health and safety, or steps taken to control such risks, are clearly communicated to Campus Jobs.
  • Contact Campus Jobs if you require support from an HR Co-ordinator.
  • Ensure that workers receive adequate induction and training, enabling them to undertake their work as required, without posing a health and safety risk to themselves or others.
  • Monitor the actual numbers of hours worked, versus the amount stated on the Recruitment Gateway. Where appropriate, raise a further request for approval using the Recruitment Gateway.
  • Request any extensions to assignments via Campus Jobs.
  • Approve timesheets in accordance with payroll deadlines. (See Admin section below.)
  • Where appropriate, provide personal references for students or Campus Jobs Temps.

Expectations of Campus Jobs Service

  • Advertise temporary vacancies on behalf of Recruiting Managers and assist in the design of custom application forms.
  • Provide a mechanism for Recruiting Managers to engage non-student workers.
  • Aid Recruiting Managers in the timely placement of workers into available assignments.
  • Ensure legal compliance on all matters relating to temporary employment (Right to work, Campus Jobs Contract and assignment issuing, monitoring hours worked per week).
  • Provide an application report via Excel after the closing date for the advert. (See Approvals for more details.)
  • Ensure payment of approved timesheets in accordance with payroll deadlines.
  • Handle and resolve all queries relating to temporary work on campus – in person, on the phone or via email.
  • Provide the first point of contact for complaints from workers or Recruiting Managers.

Administration and operations

  • Each Campus Jobs assignment can only be funded from a single account code. No split or multiple funding will be administered by Campus Jobs.
  • Campus Jobs workers will be paid at the end of each month, with appropriate deductions made for tax and NI contributions.
  • All workers must have a UK current bank account.
  • Workers must record their bank details (sort code and account number) in our online timesheet system. Amendments to these details must be made before the timesheet deadline for workers (this is different to the deadline for Recruiting Managers, see below). Any updates made after this point may not be actioned until the following pay month.
  • If a Campus Jobs worker is off sick for any length of time, please ask them to complete the USP1 Form and send it to Campus Jobs.
  • Workers who meet pension requirements will be automatically enrolled in the URPS pension scheme.

Payroll deadlines for timesheet approval

To review the payroll deadlines for students and timesheet approvers, please see Payroll deadlines for Campus Jobs.

All students must submit timesheets within 40 days of undertaking the work.


Expenses should not be used to top-up workers' pay by offering benefits such as bus fares/train tickets to work. If a worker is unable to work due to the cost of getting to campus (their place of work), the preferred option is to assign the work to someone else who does not require expenses.

Visit us

We have a help desk on the ground floor of the Carrington building which is staffed from 10am until 4pm Monday-Friday during term time. 

Workers can visit this help desk with any questions, or email us on

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