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The Inclusive Leader

This is a University leadership programme designed for colleagues with formal line management responsibility for others. The programme is organised around the University’s Leadership Framework – the 3Rs. Participants who complete the full programme receive an external qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) at Level 4.

The aims of the programme are to enable individuals to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of your values, motivations and priorities to see how they influence you as a manager
  • Use the values and priorities of your team members to motivate them to achieve high performance
  • Demonstrate the University’s expectations of managers by role modelling the Leadership Framework (the 3Rs)
  • Develop and empower your team so that their productivity is enhanced
  • Regularly review the external organisational context and construct coherent strategies to implement with your team
  • Commit to a self-development plan by continuing to access learning resources and supportive networks across the University.

The programme consists of a number of modules, spread over several months, five two-hour Action Learning Sets and some independent work

Call for Applications will open end of August - Early September 2023. To register your interest please head to UoRLearn to join the waitlist.