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This page contains information about the approval process prior to recruiting a temporary worker. For information on approving timesheets, please see our Timesheets page.

Recruitment Gateway

To recruit a student or Campus Jobs Temp, you will need to go through the Recruitment Gateway. You must be connected to the VPN to access the site.

The Recruitment Gateway is an online portal that determines the appropriate route for your part-time/temporary recruitment. To ascertain the route, the Gateway poses a series of questions. The possible outcomes are:

Campus Jobs

This outcome takes you to a new web page, where you will complete the Campus Jobs approval process. As part of this process, you will need to gain financial approval before you can recruit a student. (From September 2017, you will not be able to use a Fees Form to pay a student worker. Any attempt to pay students in this way will be rejected by Payroll.)

Recruitment Agency

If Campus Jobs cannot meet your requirements, you will be instructed to contact our Master Vendor – Reed. You will not be able to hire a worker through Reed without a reference number, which will be generated by the Recruitment Gateway.

Employment Status Questionnaire (ESQ)

If you need to recruit an external contractor, you will be directed to the ESQ form on the Procurement website. You will need to provide your Recruitment Gateway reference when you complete the form.

What are the approval thresholds?

For all vacancies within the scope of Campus Jobs, you will need to calculate the cost of your recruitment using the following formula:

Hourly Cost x Total number of hours

Campus Jobs Cost Calculator

When you estimate the cost of your recruitment, you will need to include potential on-costs such as holiday pay, National Insurance, tax and pension contributions. You can use the calculator in this Excel spreadsheet to help you do this. 

After you have calculated the cost, you must gain financial approval before you can advertise the role. The table below will help you decide the level of approval required:

Total Spend Originator Budget Holder

Head of Department/ Section

Accountant Head of School/ Function
£7.20 - £1,999

£2,000 - £4,999


How do I gain approval?

If your vacancy is within the scope of Campus Jobs, you will go through an online approval process. The system will help you calculate the cost of your recruitment and send an automated email to all relevant approver(s). You will not need to contact any approvers directly.

Visit us

We have a help desk on the ground floor of the Carrington building which is staffed from 10am until 4pm Monday-Friday during term time. 

Workers can visit this help desk with any questions, or email us on

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