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Open Programme

Welcome to People Development's Learning & Development Opportunities.

We are excited to be sharing with you our large selection of courses and programmes that have been hand selected and designed to support your personal and professional development, with each one linked to the University Strategy.               

Alongside this, we also have exciting new online content coming to UoRLearn throughout the course of the year, so make sure that you regularly log in to be kept up to date.

All courses are bookable either by clicking on any of the titles within this guide or by browsing the learning catalogue on UoRLearn.

We hope that you find something that interests you and suits your needs, however, if you do have any other requests or suggestions, then please get in touch at:

You can also stay up to date with People Development news, additional courses, booking availability and training recommendations by connecting with us on Viva Engage.


 Spring Training                                                                                                       


February Training

1st February - Introduction to Bibliometrics 

8th February - Creative Thinking and Innovation  

               - Resume for Research and Innovation (R4RI) - what, why and how 

               - Pension drop in session 

19th February - HR Essentials 

20th February - Bi Inclusion Training

21st February - Trans Awareness Training

22nd February - Motivating Others 

27th February- Active Bystander  

29th February- Delivering Excellent Customer Service  

March Training

1st March - LGBTQIA+ Allyship Training  

4th March- Influencing and Persuasion

5th March - Recruitment and Selection 

7th March Uncharted Territory: How Uncertainty Can Power Change NEW - Henley Partnership Webinar 

12th March Apprenticeship Monthly drop in 

               - HR Essentials

               - Personal Presence & Impact 

13th March - Central Induction 

               - Pension drop in session 

               - Time Management: Get Organised for Peak Performance 

19th March - Mental Health First Aid Day1  

20th March - Mental Health First Aid Day 2  

21th March - How to Carry Out Fair & Lawful Investigations Training  

               - Pension drop in session  

25th March - Train-the-Trainer Research Integrity Day 1  

26th March - Train-the-Trainer Research Integrity Day 2  

27th March - Successful Mentoring  

April Training

9th  April - HR Essentials

  - Apprenticeships Monthly Drop In Sessions

15th April - Aspiring Managers

16th April - Central Induction

Unleashing Creativity: A Crash Course in the Art of Problem Solving NEW - Henley Partnership Webinar

17th April - Strategic Thinking

23rd April - Active Bystander

  - Skills for Administrative Assistant

24th April - Research data management: An Introduction

29th April - Assertive Communication Skills

May Training

9th May - Coaching Skills for Leaders

  - Using the Research Professional Online Tool

The Fifth Phase: An Insight-Driven Approach to Business Transformation - Henley Partnership Webinar

13th May - Mental Health First Aider Day 1

14th May - Mental Health First Aider Day 2

15th May - Central Induction

  Writing a data management

16th May - Confident Conversations for Managers

22nd May - Recruitment and Selection

23rd May - HR Essentials

  - Successful Teamwork

29th May - Facilitating Motivational Meetings

June Training

5th June - Project Management skills

31st June - Costing for Research Proposals

11th June - Central Induction

13th June - Successful Mentoring Workshops

18th June - HR Essentials

24th June - Aspiring Managers 

July Training

9th July - Central Induction

11th July - Every Day Emotional Intelligence - Henley Partnership Webinar

17th July - Recruitment and Selection

25th July - HR Essentials