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System Access

All staff with a contract of employment who are paid through the monthly payroll have access to Employee Self Service (ESS) automatically using their University staff network account and password and requires no access form to be signed/granted. This provides all staff with access to check and maintain parts of their record via Employee Self service Login

iTrent or Trent is the integrated HR and Payroll system at the University of Reading. It allows authorised users to view and/or edit information stored in Trent about University staff. There are a number of roles set up for 'core' users, primarily for staff in Human Resources, as well as number of Trent roles for managers and administrators across Schools and Departments. Access is controlled by the role they have been assigned - users can have multiple roles. Please note that users are currently only able to access Trent using PCs that are part of the University's network; attempts to access Trent from outside the University will be denied.

There are two main types of Trent access for staff outside of HR:

  • Recruiting Manager
  • School Admin

Recruiting Manager

The Recruitment Manager profile allows staff who are running recruitment campaigns to access applications for their position. This profile allows access only to applications for positions for which the staff member is the recruiting manager, and is currently set up manually and on demand whenever a job advertisement is published. This functionality is currently being reviewed with the aim of improving and extending its scope.

School Admin

The School Admin level of access, historically known as a type of People Manager access, is based on Organisation Structure which means that the user is able to see information about all staff within a specific unit irrespective of the line-reporting relationship. Access is normally provided at a School or Department level, but access can also be provided to information about staff in a specific department or team if it exists as a separate unit on Trent.

This profile has been designed to facilitate the devolution of records access and routine maintenance to key staff within each School, Directorate or functional area of the University.

This access level within Trent includes some limited personal information about staff and is therefore important that it is used responsibly to ensure that the security of staff details is maintained. School Admin users are responsible for ensuring that data quality is reviewed and maintained, act as an escalation point for data management issues within their area and ensure that staff changes within their unit are dealt with in a timely fashion. They are able to view for staff in their School/Department/Unit:

  • Personal details such as address, telephone numbers, contact details, work permits
  • Key working dates and position details such as costing details, grade/spinal point, working patterns, reporting manager (including updates), contractual hours
  • Qualifications and professional memberships, training courses you have attended
  • Vacancies
  • Absence information such as sickness, maternity, paternity, adoption and annual leave (for Schools/Departments who are live)

There are also a large number of reports available such as Absence, Reporting Managers, People Headcount, New Starters, Emergency contact details etc

For the duration of the Enhanced Automation and Self Service projects within HR, School Admin users will also act as the main communication point within their area for the HR projects, ensure these are communicated to colleagues as appropriate and attending briefings and presentations as required. They will also support HR with identifying users who will require access to new functionality being developed, and any training and support requirements.

To appoint a new, or amend an existing School Admin user, contact HR (  to obtain a user form or with details of the change. The form will need to be signed by the Head of the organisational unit (e.g. Head of Department, Head of School etc.). Training and access will be provided to the new 'School Admin' user once completion of compliance modules (data protection, information security and freedom of information) is checked. Access will not be given otherwise.

School Admin User Training Manual