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Research Division Membership

Research Division Membership

The Research Division Membership Form enables members of staff to request or change membership of research division. Staff information and contract classification in this form must match HR central records.

All changes will be reflected on HR records on the last day of the month corresponding to the effective date indicated in the form.

The purpose of this form is to enable requests and changes of Research Division membership based on HR central records.

Contract Classification (Academic Employment Function)

Academic staff will either have a balanced portfolio of academic activities, whereby they will be required to undertake a combination of teaching, research and scholarship, outreach and administrative activities (referred to as T+R) or will either have a teaching-intensive portfolio whereby the focus of their work is concerned with teaching/administration/leadership and management activities (referred to as T) or a research-intensive portfolio whereby the focus of their work is concerned with research activities (referred to as R).

The University also recognises that, although exceptional, there may be occasions when it is deemed appropriate and necessary for an academic member of staff to move to an alternate variant of the academic contract.

The process agreed for allocating an Academic member of staff in an alternative variant to the academic contract is contained in the Academic Employment Function Change Process

Complete the Academic Employment Function Change form to confirm agreement of the employee and action the change in their contract.