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Sickness absence

The University wishes to create a healthy working environment for staff that protects their physical and mental well-being. It is recognised, however that employees, on occasion, will be absent from work on the grounds of ill health and it is essential that the University has arrangements for the recording, monitoring and effective management of sickness absence. The Sickness Absence Reporting Procedures establish a common reporting procedure for all employees of the University, academic and non-academic, part-time and full-time, including those on fixed term contracts.

Effective management of sickness absence is not just about reporting the absence but open communication with the employee to understand their situation. The University has a duty of care to all its employees to ensure their health and safety whilst at work. We will encourage and facilitate practices and services that support employee well-being by providing advice and guidance through Line Manager, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Occupational Health and Counselling.

The Sickness Absence Policy provides information for all employees to report their sickness absence to their line managers. Failure to report absence correctly could lead to disciplinary action.

If an employee is absent without authorisation, in the first instance the line manager should attempt to contact the employee by telephone to find out why they are not in work and when they will be back.

If attempts to contact the employee are unsuccessful, the unauthorised absence should be reported to the relevant HR Partner/Advisor immediately. This is to ensure appropriate action can be taken in relation to payroll, and also legal obligations within the Home Office rules on people who are subject to immigration control.

If there are intermittent absences that start to impact on an employee's performance at work, or long term sickness absence, please contact the relevant HR Partner/Advisor to ensure the Ill Health Procedure (PDF - 225KB) is followed.

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If you require any further information on sickness absence please refer to your HR Partner/Adviser

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