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Occupational Health Referral

Reasons for Referral

Line managers may refer an employee to occupational health (OH) where there is concern about their health, performance (where there may be health implications) or level of sickness absence.  In cases of disability there may be a requirement to make reasonable adjustments to an employees work to enable them to work effectively. 

Other reasons for referral include:

·         When the employee or their GP has indicated an absence due to stress related ill health

·         Short frequent absences

·         An employee has an accident

·         An employee notifies you about a change in their health.

·         A report is required regarding an employee’s fitness to attend a meeting with their manager.

·         The employee has had a DSE assessment, and they have declared they have a medical condition which requires an Occupational Health Assessment

Process of referrals

The manager should first discuss the reasons for referral with the individual who is being referred. It is acknowledged that in some circumstances the referral may be made by an HR Business Partner, and this is acceptable.

The individual should fully understand the reason why they are being referred, also understand the information that has been included on the form and the feedback that is being sought.

The manager should indicate that they have discussed the referral with the individual and it is good practice to provide a copy of the referral to the individual.

The manager or HR Business Partner should complete all sections on the form prior to it being submitted. 

The Management Referral Form should be sent to

You may also wish to submit supporting information including a job description and the individual sickness record if they are currently absent.

Once it is received by the Occupational Health Team it will be assessed and they may contact you to discuss any questions they have.

The individual should receive an appointment offer within 5 working days of the referral being received and approved by Occupational Health.

At present we are undertaking most of our consultations by telephone or MS Teams but a face-to-face appointment can also be requested.

The employee attends the appointment, and all relevant aspects of their health will be explored. This details of this this discussion will remain confidential and will not be shared with the manager or HR Partner. 

At the end of the appointment, the Occupational Health advisor will outline the proposed content of their subsequent report to the individual.