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Mental Wellbeing

Having good mental health allows us to cope with life's challenges. Make the most of your potential and play a full part in your family and work life. Remember we all struggle at times - its part of human nature.

1 in 4 of us is likely to experience a mental health issue at any 1 time and its okay to talk about this.

You can contact the Employee Assistance Programme for advice and support as well getting advice from the well online portal.

Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health and this guide gives helpful tips.

Mental Wellbeing resources:

Given the high levels of stress and poor mental health we are seeing in UK workers, there is a growing demand for innovative and proactive ways of managing our mental health at work.  Mind (the mental health charity), have put together the following action plans:

CiC - Mental health and the cost of living pressures

CiC - Coping with Panic Attacks

CiC - Dealing with Uncertainty

CiC - Face your Fears

CiC - Wellbeing and how to enjoy a little more of it

CiC Stress and Anxiety Information Sheet


NHS Live well - Mental Health


NHS Accessing mental health support in Berkshire


Triangulate - Mentally healthy workplaces


Working from home and resilience webinar by Harry Key, CIC - use the password 'Wellbeing1'.


Coping with change and uncertainty webinar by Harry Key, CIC - use the password MhPMNCK8


Mind - Advice lines


The Mental Health Foundation


Rethink - National Mental Health membership charity


Avoiding Stress

Guide to the top ten tips for avoiding stress is here.


Every Mind Matters - information for those feeling anxious

Mental Health Foundation - Overcoming fear and anxiety

CIC - Anxiety



Low Mood ,Sadness and Depression 

Mood self assessment

Understanding Depression a CIC leaflet

Every Mind Matters - NHS information about how to improve your mood.

Managing your Mood - a CIC leaflet

Physical Health

Physical Activity is beneficial for mental health and wellbeing and this guide gives some advice.

10 Keys to Happier Living, download the poster here.

Cordell Health Guides - Steps to Building Personal Resilience:

Step 1 - Building Personal Resilience


Step 2 - Identify Your Personal Family Social Supports


Step 3 - Dump the drains


Step 4 - Know Your Tipping Point


Step 5 - Change Aware


Step 6 - Positive Thinking


Step 7 - Eat and drink for Energy and Strength


Step 8 - Pace Your Efforts


Step 9 - Sleep Well


Step 10 - Collaboration and Cooperation


Step 11 - Change Wise


Step 12 - The New Normal


Other resources


National Helplines