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Starters and Leavers

New Employees

If you start part-way through the annual leave year, you will receive a pro rata entitlement from your start date up to the end of the current annual leave year (30 September). Entitlement includes bank holidays and closure days, pro rata for the proportion of the leave year worked. Employee Self Service (ESS) uses your working pattern to see which bank holidays and closure days fall on days in the proportion of the year you are working and deducts this from your entitlement displaying the remaining amount to be used for personal holiday.

For example: Lee is G 1-5, full time (1.0 FTE) and so for his grade the entitlement is 35 days. He starts part way through the leave year on Monday 14th December. Lee will be working around 80% of the leave year (ESS uses an exact calculation for number of working days) and calculates his entitlement as 28.5 days (rounded up to the nearest ½ day). ESS then looks at his working pattern and sees that he is on the working pattern 36:00 total (M7:12 Tu7:12 W7:12 Th7:12 F7:12 Sa 0 Su0) and because all of the 8 Bank holidays and 6 closure days fall within his proportion of the leave year (there are none in October, November or before the 14th December), all 8BHs and 6Closures are deducted from his entitlement. This leaves him with the outstanding balance to be used for personal holiday bookings of 14.5 days.


If you leave the University, any outstanding annual leave (pro-rata to the leaving date) should normally be taken before the termination date. However, where this is not possible, payment may be made in lieu of leave accrued but not taken. If you have taken more than the accrued leave entitlement for the current leave year, the University will make a deduction to cover the excess leave taken from your final payment.

Because annual leave entitlements in ESS reflect the entitlement for the full year it will only be reduced proportionately when a leaving date has been input into the system by HR. Should you want to know the remaining leave beforehand  you can use the Annual leave calculators to get an approximation.