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Policies and procedures

This Online Staff Handbook sets out the main policies and procedures that employees need to be aware of while working for us. Employees should familiarise themselves with it and comply with it at all times. Any questions with regard to its contents or what has to be done to comply with it should be referred to the line manager or the Human Resources Department.

The policies and procedures set out in this handbook apply to all employees unless otherwise indicated. They do not form part of the terms of the employment contract with us, which are provided to employees separately.

Everyone should ensure that they take the time to read and understand the content of this handbook and act in accordance with its aims and objectives. All staff must ensure that they are familiar with and comply with and support its policies and procedures.

Those working at a management level have a specific responsibility to set an appropriate standard of behaviour, to lead by example and to ensure that those they manage adhere to the policies and procedures and promote our aims and objectives with regard to diversity and inclusion. All managers have a specific responsibility to operate in accordance with the provisions set out in this Online Staff Handbook, to ensure that all employees understand the standards of behaviour expected of them and to take action when behaviour falls below those requirements.

These policies and procedures support the University's Strategy. Our HR Strategy Working Together : A Strategy for Success and our HR policies aim to provide a working environment which enables us to recruit and retain the very best staff.

Our aim is to develop policies and procedures which are fair and equitable, consistent, logical and simple to use. The procedures should provide clear guidance and make it plain what actions you need to take to reach your objectives as quickly and easily as possible.

The links on this page will give you access to all of the information that you need but if you have any questions or need any advice then please contact your HR Partner/Advisor.

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