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Senior leadership team

Name Leadership role Email

Carmel Houston-Price

Head of School hos-pcls@reading.ac.uk
Graham Schafer Head of School hos-pcls@reading.ac.uk 
Ingo Bojak Deputy Head of School i.bojak@reading.ac.uk
Rachel Pye Head of Psychology, University of Reading Malaysia rachel.pye@reading.edu.my
Alana James School Director of Teaching and Learning; School Director of Academic Tutoring  a.i.james@reading.ac.uk
Beth Law School Director of Teaching and Learning b.d.law@reading.ac.uk
Carien van Reekum Research Division Lead c.vanreekum@reading.ac.uk 
Claire Williams Research Division Lead claire.williams@reading.ac.uk
Holly Robson  Director of Recruitment and Admissions  h.v.robson@reading.ac.uk
Barbara Evetts Director of Clinical Governance and Partnerships b.j.evetts@reading.ac.uk 
Gail Gilbert  Executive Admin Manager g.gilbert@reading.ac.uk

Psychology academic staff

Name Position Areas of expertise
Aman Asif-Malik  Teaching Fellow 
Arlene Astell Professor in Neurodegenerative Disease   
Katie Barfoot  Teaching Fellow  PGT Teaching Coordinator
Philip Beaman
Professor of Experimental Psychology  Cognitive science, auditory cognition, human factors, working memory 
Lynne Bell  Teaching Fellow   
Ingo Bojak Professor  Computational neuroscience, data analysis and method development, neuroimaging, computational psychology  
Amanda Branson
Lecturer in Psychology Teaching and learning pedagogy, development of employability skills 
Bhismadev Chakrabarti
Professor in Neuroscience and Mental Health Empathy, autism, individual differences, mobile health technologies, social neuroscience 
Anastasia Christakou
Associate Professor  Psychopathology and emotional disorders, affective neuroscience, personalised nutrition, motivation and behaviour change, perception and action, cognitive control, language and bilingualism 
Helen Dodd  Professor
Judi Ellis Professor of Psychology   
Eva Feredoes Lecturer Human working memory, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), concurrent TMS-fMRI
David Field
Associate Professor  Basis of visual perception in the brain, influence of dietary factors on the brain and behaviour
Jayne Freeman  Lecturer  Cognition and ageing, intention and action memory
Andrew Glennerster Professor of Visual Neuroscience  Perception and action, 3D vision 
Katie Gray
Associate Professor Visual perception, including faces, facial expressions, attention, awareness 
Anthony Haffey  Teaching Fellow 
Kate Harvey Professor of Health Psychology Children's eating, family mealtimes, food insecurity, child and adolescent mental health 
Johnathan Hill Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry   
Aileen Ho Associate Professor Mental health in young and older adults: psychological intervention, cognitive training, functional rehabilitation and health-related quality of life in neurodegenarative disorders 
Juliane Honisch  Lecturer Affective neuroscience, perception and action
Anna Horwood
Professor of Orthoptics and Visual Development  Vision and ocular focusing development in clinical and typical populations 
Carmel Houston-Price Professor Early learning mechanisms (from infancy to early school years), role of environmental factors in vocabulary acquisition,
role of exposure in development of food preferences 
Alana James  Associate Professor Psychopathology and emotional disorders, educational psychology 
Paul Jenkins  Lecturer Eating disorders, severe mental health, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Dan Jones  Lectuurer Physiological illness and cognition, psychological wellbeing of clinical patients, neuropsychology, pedagogy in higher education 

Fiona Knott

Associate Professor Autism spectrum disorders, neurodevelopmental disabilities, including mental health, attitudes, employability 
Daniel Lamport
Associate Professor in Psycholinguistics Nutritional neuroscience and metabolic influences on cognition 
Allán Laville  Lecturer, Dean for Diversity and Inclusion  Diversity and inclusion
Beth Law  Lecturer  
Fang Liu  Associate Professor Music, language, pitch, perception, production, autism, amusia, cognitive neuroscience 
Lorella Lepore  Lecturer  Automatic processes in stereotyping and prejudice, intergroup relations, social-psychological implications of Brexit and COVID-19 
Ciara McCabe  Associate Professor Adolescent depression and anhedonia research using behavioural and neural measures
Rachel McCloy  Associate Professor Applied behavioural science, judgement and decision making 
Eugene McSorley  Associate Professor Perception and action 
Dr Kou Murayama  Professor
Emma Pape  Lecturer in Social Psychology Intergroup relations and prejudice, prejudice reduction, imagery, imagined contact, media effect 
Rachel Pye  Associate Professor Reading development and dyslexia, including in multilingual populations
Patricia Riddell  Professor of Applied Neuroscience  
Etienne Roesch  Associate Professor Perception, attention, consciousness, emotion, Bayesian statistical methods, machine learning 
Peter Scarfe  Lecturer in Psychology Virtual reality, haptics robotics, perception and motor control, computational modelling 
Graham Schafer  Associate Professor  
Victoria Simcock  Teaching Fellow in Developmental Psychology   
Teresa Tavassoli  Associate Professor Autism, sensory perception, developmental psychology 
Thalia Theodoraki  Teaching Fellow in Developmental Psychology 
Carien Van Reekum  Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience  Emotion regulation, affective neuroscience, emotional disposition and wellbeing, emotion across the lifespan  
Julia Vogt  Associate Professor Self-regulation, motivation, emotion, emotion regulation, attention, social cognition, social psychology, health-related behaviours, prosocial behaviour, self-control 
Polly Waite
Associate Professor  Understanding and treatment of adolescent anxiety disorders 
Claire Williams Professor  Cannabinoids and behaviour, nutrition and cognition, epilepsy, reward, appetite, flavonoids

Clinical Language Sciences academic staff  

Name Position Areas of expertise
Fiona Baillie Clinical Tutor in Speech & Language Therapy (SLT)
Allie Biddle SLT Placement Tutor, Paediatric SLT Clinic, SLT Disability Rep
Arpita Bose Associate Professor
Ian Cunnings Associate Professor in Psycholinguistics Psycholinguistics, multilingualism
Nika Dehghan Clinical Teaching Fellow
Carol Fairfield Associate Professor
Sara Fincham-Majumdar Clinical Tutor
Daniel Fryer Teaching Fellow
Melissa Loucas Clinical Tutor
Tom Loucas Associate Professor Early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder, language and cognition in autism
Theo Marinis
Helen Marlow Clinical Tutor
Catherine Munro Clinical Tutor
Afshan O'Sullivan Clinical Teaching Fellow
Emma Pagnamenta Lecturer Developmental speech and language disorders, evidence-based practice, effectiveness of speech and language interventions
George Pontikas Teaching Fellow
Christos Pliatsikas Associate Professor Cognitive control, language and bilingualism, experience-based neuroplasticity
Katherine Pritchard Clinical Tutor
Theodora Read Clinical Tutor
Holly Robson Associate Professor Semantic, phonological, cognitive and auditory processing impairments in aphasia: technological solutions for aphasia rehabilitation; europsychological, structural and functional MRI, ERP and EEG methodologies
Doug Saddy Professor Computational models of language processes, cognitive dynamics and control, language and bilingualism, clinical language sciences, artificial grammar learning
Ludovica Serratrice Professor of Bi-Multilingualism
Mirjana Sokolovic-Perovic Teaching Fellow
Vesna Stojanovik Profesor Language in genetic disorders, language acquisition
David Ward Associate Professor Phonetic, linguistic, neurological and psychological underpinnings of developmental and acquired stammering (stuttering) and cluttering, management of stammering and cluttering through the lifespan

Charlie Waller Institute staff

Name Position Email
Faaizah Ahmed Assistant Psychologist  faaizah.ahmed@reading.ac.uk 
Charlotte Allard Clinical Educator  charlotte.allard@reading.ac.uk 
Phillippa Burton  Senior Clinical Tutor  phillippa.burton@reading.ac.uk 
Alison Campbell Programme Director for CWI Adult  alison.campbell@reading.ac.uk 
Elizabeth Elliott  Clinical Tutor elizabeth.c.elliott@reading.ac.uk 
Barbara Evetts  Clinical Lead, Support and Challenge  b.j.evetts@reading.ac.uk 
Lindsay George  Senior Clinical Tutor  l.george@reading.ac.uk 
Caroline Gordon  CWP Project Manager  caroline.m.gordon@reading.ac.uk 
Jenny Griggs  Sessional Clinical CBT Supervisor  j.griggs@reading.ac.uk 
Katharine Hindley  Senior Clinical Tutor  k.l.hindley@reading.ac.uk 
Debbie Howard  Clinical Tutor  d.p.howard@reading.ac.uk 
Sue Howson  Senior Clinical Tutor  s.howson@reading.ac.uk 
James Kachellek PWP Clinical Educator  j.c.kachellek@reading.ac.uk 
Jeevan Kang  CWP Project Manager  j.k.kang@reading.ac.uk 
Michelle Lee  Research Psychologist  m.j.lee@reading.ac.uk 
Hayley Marwood  Senior Clinical Tutor h.marwood@reading.ac.uk 
Natalie Meek  Sessional Clinical CBT Supervisor  n.a.meek@reading.ac.uk 
Anjali Mehta  Clinical Tutor  a.mehta2@reading.ac.uk 
Melanie Neville  Clinical Tutor  m.c.neville@reading.ac.uk 
Emily Nobes Senior Clinical Tutor  e.s.nobes@reading.ac.uk 
Brian O'Gorman  Sessional Clinical CBT Supervisor  brian.ogorman@reading.ac.uk 
Harry O'Hayon  Sessional Clinical CBT Supervisor  h.a.ohayon@reading.ac.uk 
Gary Partridge  Sessional Participation Tutor  g.a.partridge@reading.ac.uk 
Elliott Rose  Clinical Tutor  elliot.rose@reading.ac.uk 
Katherine Simons Director of Training - Adult Programmes katherine.simons@reading.ac.uk 
Melissa Snaith Senior Clinical Tutor  m.h.snaith@reading.ac.uk 
Katy Snitter  Assistant Psychologist  k.s.snitter@reading.ac.uk 
Eleanor Vialls  Clinical Educator  e.j.vialls@reading.ac.uk 
Craig Ward  Sessional Clinical CBT Supervisor  craig.ward@reading.ac.uk 
Hannah Whitney  Director of Training - CWI h.l.whitney@reading.ac.uk 
Alison Wheeler EMHP/CWP Course Director alison.wheeler@reading.ac.uk 
Janeen Wilson     
Holly Winton     

Research staff

Name  Position Email 
Elena Anderloni  Honorary Researcher  e.anderloni@reading.ac.uk 
Kirsten Bailkoski  Research and Administration Assistant  k.bailkoski@reading.ac.uk 
Anamaria Bentea Honorary Researcher  a.bentea@reading.ac.uk 
Raluca Briazu  Teaching Fellow r.briazu@reading.ac.uk 
Nichaela Broyden  Honorary Research Assistant  nichaela.broyden@reading.ac.uk 
Laura Burgess  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  laura.burgess@reading.ac.uk
Chloe Chessell  Honorary Researcher  chloe.chessell@reading.ac.uk 
Kirsten Corden  Research Assistant  k.corden@reading.ac.uk 
Emmanuel Daveau  Research Assistant  e.daveau@reading.ac.uk 
Joshua Denness  Research Associate  j.denness@reading.ac.uk 
Georgina Dodd  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  g.dodd@reading.ac.uk 
Ed Donnellan  Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Education and Data Science  e.a.donnellan@reading.ac.uk 
Evelyn Egger  Research Assistant  e.egger@reading.ac.uk 
Valentina Fanti  Honorary Research Associate  v.fanti@reading.ac.uk 
Katy Figus  Clinical Psychologist  k.figus@reading.ac.uk 
Lily Fitzgibbon  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  l.t.fitzgibbon@reading.ac.uk 
Kathryn Francis  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  kathryn.francis@reading.ac.uk 
Hiroki Fujita  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  h.fujita@pgr.reading.ac.uk 
Wiebke Gandhi  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  w.gandhi@reading.ac.uk 
Stuart Gilson  Research Assistant  s.j.gilson@reading.ac.uk 
Sarah Glyn  Research Assistant  s.glyn@pgr.reading.ac.uk 
Luise Gootjes-Dreesbach  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  dreesbach@reading.ac.uk 
Brynjar Halldorsson  Honorary Researcher  b.halldorsson@reading.ac.uk 
Nicholas Hedger  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  n.hedger@reading.ac.uk 
Susannah Hermaszewska  NIHR Pre-Doctoral Fellow  s.l.hermaszewska@reading.ac.uk 
Claire Hill  Clinical Psychologist, Postdoctoral Research Fellow  claire.hill@reading.ac.uk 
Johnny King-lam Lau  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  johnny.lau@reading.ac.uk 
Melissa Knight  Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist and Researcher  m.knight2@reading.ac.uk 
Vanessa Kurdi  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  v.kurdi@reading.ac.uk 
Pete Lawrence  Research Training Fellow  p.j.p.lawrence@reading.ac.uk 
Zoe Maiden  Honorary Clinical Psychology - Placement Student  z.maiden@reading.ac.uk 
Carolyn McNabb  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  c.b.mcnabb@reading.ac.uk 
Stefanie Meliss  Research Assistant  s.meliss@reading.ac.uk 
Ronan Miller  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  r.l.miller@reading.ac.uk
Jayne Morriss  Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow  j.e.morriss@reading.ac.uk 
Daisuke Nakanaishi  Honorary Research Fellow  d.nakanaishi@reading.ac.uk 
Rachel Nesbit  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  r.j.nesbit@reading.ac.uk 
Rui Nouchi  Honorary Researcher  r.nouchi@reading.ac.uk 
Jia Hoong Ong  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  jiahoong.ong@reading.ac.uk 
Monika Parkinson  Research Fellow  m.b.parkinson@reading.ac.uk 
Abhijeet Patra  Research Assistant  a.patr@reading.ac.uk 
Marta Puertollano  Honorary Researcher  m.puertollano@reading.ac.uk 
Jasmine Raw  Research Assistant  j.raw@reading.ac.uk 
Teresa Reardon
Honorary Researcher  t.reardon@reading.ac.uk 
Stella Rendall Postdoctoral Research Fellow  s.rendall@pgr.reading.ac.uk 
Alan Roberts Postdoctoral Research Assistant  a.p.roberts@reading.ac.uk 
Francesco Saldarini  Research Assistant  f.saldarini3@reading.ac.uk 
Sarah Sampson  Research Assistant  s.l.sampson@reading.ac.uk 
Julie Skevik  Postdoctoral Research Assistant (RAIN Project)  julie.skevik@reading.ac.uk 
Aikaterini Spanou  Research Assistant  aikaternin.spanou@pgr.reading.ac.uk 
Maria-Elena Stefanou  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  m.e.stefanou@reading.ac.uk 
Nick Thompson  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  n.m.thompson@pgr.reading.ac.uk 
Raul Ungureanu  Research Assistant  r.r.ungureanu@reading.ac.uk 
Alessandra Valentini  Research Associate  a.valentini@reading.ac.uk
Andreja Varjacic  Research Assistant  a.varjacic@pgr.reading.ac.uk 
Elin Harding Williams  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  e.h.williams@reading.ac.uk 
Chen Zhao  Postdoctoral Research Assistant  c.zhao5@reading.ac.uk 

Emeritus/visiting professors

Name Position Email
Ellen Bialystok  Albert Wolters Distinguished Visiting Professor 2015   
Sonia Bishop  Visiting Professor   
Laurie Butler  Visiting Professor  l.t.butler@reading.ac.uk 
Noam Chomsky  Albert Wolters Distinguished Visiting Professor 2017   
Peter Cooper

Visiting Professor 

Cathy Creswell  Visiting Professor  c.s.creswell@reading.ac.uk 
Daniel Dennett  Albert Wolters Distinguished Visiting Professor 2019   
Susan Edwards Emeritus Professor  s.i.edwards@reading.ac.uk
John Harris
Emeritus Professor  j.p.harris@reading.ac.uk
A Kapila  Visiting Professor   
Mark Little  Visiting Professor   
Elizabeth Loftus  Albert Wolters Distinguished Visiting Professor 2018   
Frank McKenna 

Emeritus Professor

Lotte Meteyard  Visiting Professor  l.meteyard@reading.ac.uk 
Lynne Murray  Visiting Professor  lynne.murray@reading.ac.uk 
Laura Pass  Visiting Professor  l.s.pass@reading.ac.uk 
Steven Pinker  Albert Wolters Distinguished Visiting Professor 2016  
Shirley Reynolds  Visiting Professor  s.a.reynolds@reading.ac.uk 
Michiko Sakaki 
Visiting Professor  m.sakaki@reading.ac.uk 
Tim Salomons  Visiting Professor   
Craig Steel  Visiting Professor  craig.steel@reading.ac.uk 
Y Taylor  Visiting Professor   
David Warburton  Emeritus Professor  d.m.warburton@reading.ac.uk 
Tim Williams Visiting Professor  timothy.williams@reading.ac.uk 
L Willetts  Visiting Professor   

Professional, administrative and technical support

Name Position Email
Sherifah Al-Katib  Placement Administrator - Speech & Language Therapy sherifah.al-katib@reading.ac.uk 
Melina Aston  Postgraduate Research Administrator m.aston@reading.ac.uk
Nicolo Biagi  Research Technician  n.biagi@pgr.reading.ac.uk  
Daniel Brady  Research Technician  d.brady@reading.ac.uk  
Lizzie Cairns  Student Support Coordinator - Support Centre l.cairns@reading.ac.uk 
Sue Cruddace  Clinical Research Manager  s.a.cruddace@reading.ac.uk 
Nic Davie  Executive Support Administrator - Centre for Autism nic.davie@reading.ac.uk 
Rachel Davies Research Technician  rachel.davies@reading.ac.uk 
Megha Dewli  School Global Recruitment Officer m.dewli@reading.ac.uk
Imogen Ducker Clinical Research Technician imogen.ducker@reading.ac.uk 
Louise Forrest  Executive Administration Officer - Student Experience l.a.forrest@reading.ac.uk 
Gail Gilbert  Executive Admin Manager g.gilbert@reading.ac.uk 
Carol Griggs  Executive Administration Officer - Student Experience / Executive Support Administrator - CWI c.j.griggs@reading.ac.uk
Steve Guest Building Support Officer s.guest@reading.ac.uk
Julie Hankinson  Placement Administrator - Speech & Language Therapy j.hankinson@reading.ac.uk
Paul Heaton Specialist Teaching and Research Support Analyst p.m.heaton@reading.ac.uk 
Robin Hunter  Health & Safety Co-ordinator (SPCLS/APD)  r.d.hunter@reading.ac.uk 
Amy Lomas AnDY Clinic Manager a.r.lomas@reading.ac.uk
Emma Marshall  Receptionist emma.marshall@reading.ac.uk 
Ruth McAdam Executive Support Administrator r.c.mcadam@reading.ac.uk
Lee McDermott  Executive Administration Officer - Data Manager / Research  l.mcdermott@reading.ac.uk 
Eadaoin Ni Ghiosain  Placement Administrator - Psychology & MSc  e.nighiosain@reading.ac.uk
Niall Norbury  School Marketing Officer; n.norbury@reading.ac.uk
Raj Parmar  Executive Administration Officer - Recruitment & Admissions  r.parmar@reading.ac.uk
Emily Parsons  Programme Manager - Support Centre e.l.parsons@reading.ac.uk
Ray Percy  AnDY Clinic Director j.r.richmond@reading.ac.uk
Rachel Sanders  Executive Support Administrator r.sanders2@reading.ac.uk
Shan Shen  MRI Operations Office  shan.shen@reading.ac.uk 
Jaswant Sidhu  Executive Administration Officer - Finance jaswant.sidhu@reading.ac.uk
Lucy Taylor  Trial Manager l.a.taylor@reading.ac.uk 
Holly Tricker  Clinical Research Technician  h.a.tricker@reading.ac.uk 
Kelly Watcham  Senior Programme Administrator - Support Centre  k.e.watcham@reading.ac.uk 
Liz White  Executive Support Administrator - Clinical e.m.white@reading.ac.uk 
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