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Arpita Bose

  • Member of School Research Ethics Committee
  • Leader of Language and Cognition Research Group
  • Module Convenor, Communication Impairment 3 & 4, Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology.

Areas of interest

My primary research focus is on extending our theoretical understanding of the interplay between cognitive, linguistic and speech motor processes during language production (in normal and neurologically impaired speakers such as those with aphasia, apraxia of speech, dementia, Parkinson's disease) and subsequently implementing those findings to develop better intervention strategies for language production deficits in neurologically impaired populations.

Using methodologies and approaches from various disciplines (for example, psycholinguistics, experimental psychology, neuroscience and speech and language therapy), I have strived to bridge the gap between theoretical and applied research in language processing and its disorders.

Specific topics I am currently investigating are:

  • interaction of semantic, phonological and articulatory processes during word production in aphasia
  • word and non-word production in aphasia
  • semantic transparency and compound word production
  • treatment studies to improve verbal production in aphasia and apraxia of speech
  • reading and writing disorders following brain lesions
  • quality of life issues in stroke rehabilitation
  • lexical processing in bilingual speakers (normal and bilingual aphasia).

My research has been supported by funding from various national and international bodies, for example, the British Academy, Wellcome Trust, and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

I welcome enquires from individuals interested in pursuing PhD studies, as well as potential clinical and research collaborators.

Research centres and groups