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Juliane Honisch

  • Laboratory Manager of the Social Cognition and Movement Rehabilitation Lab (SCRM)

  • BSc/MSci Dissertation Project Coordinator

  • Module Convenor for PY1SK/E (Skills for Psychologists), dissertation modules at year 3: PY3EP, PY3P, PY3PPP, PY4PR and PY3SCN (Social Cognition of Nonverbal Behaviour).

Areas of interest

My research area focuses on human movement, timing and coordination, with the focus on the synchronisation of movements. I am interested in multi-sensory integration and synchronisation in those with typical and atypical developing individuals, and how everyday activities that involve for instance, interpersonal synchrony may improve social-cognitive skills.


Our Social Cognition and Movement Rehabilitation Lab (SCMR) investigates various topics on the role of non-verbal behaviours in everyday conversations, social-cognitive effects of interpersonal synchrony (two or more individuals moving together in time) and explores movement interventions (e.g. dance exercises) for older adults with and without medical conditions.


Various: i.e. Social Cognition of Nonverbal Behaviour, Skills for Psychologists and Research Methods.

Academic qualifications

  • BSc Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK
  • PhD Experimental Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK.


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