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    Leaders in the world of food and nutrition

Meet the team

The Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences is staffed by a faculty of world-leading experts from disciplines spanning every aspect of the field. At the forefront of research in their fields, our team are dedicated to a healthier future.

Head of Department

Professor Richard Frazier

Executive Support Staff

Michelle Phillips

 Academic staff

Name Position and responsibilities Research interests
Dr Emma Bennett Lecturer in Food and Nutritional Sciences Food security, food sustainability, plant yield, plant physiology, education

Professor Dimitris Charalampopoulos

Professor in Food Biotechnology

Valorisation of food processing waste, industrial biotechnology, production of functional foods, encapsulation of probiotic bacteria
Dr Afroditi Chatzifragkou Lecturer in Food Processing; Programme Director, MSc Food Science and MSc Food Technology - Quality Assurance Bioprocessing, food waste, microbial fermentations, biotechnology
Dr Qiaofen Cheng International Student Tutor; International Partnerships Manager; Study Abroad Coordinator Meat processing technology, carcinogen formation in meat products, salt and fat reduction
Dr Miriam Clegg Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences

Appetite and food intake, energy expenditure, dietary fats

Dr Stephen Elmore Senior Research Fellow, Flavour Centre Flavour chemistry, analysis of small organic molecules
Dr Colette Fagan Associate Professor in Food Processing; Head of the Food Processing Centre Food processing, dairy science and technology, process analytical technology
Professor Richard Frazier Professor of Food Science; Head of Department

Food protein biochemistry: the functional role of proteins at interfaces in food and biological systems; the role of protein-polyphenol interactions in the bioactivity of plant polyphenols.

Food science applications of neutron reflectometry
Professor Glenn Gibson
Professor of Food Microbiology; Head of Food Microbial Sciences Unit Gut microbiology, prebiotics, probiotics
Dr Kim Jackson  Senior Research Fellow, Human Nutrition; Chair of the Hugh Sinclair Clinical Unit Management Committee Impact of diet on body composition and cardiometabolic disease, effects of meal fatty acids on triacylglycerol-rich lipoprotein metabolism and insulin resistance, influence of genotype on lipid metabolism and vascular function, acute effects of dietary fats and phytochemicals on vascular reactivity, development of mathematical models of postprandial lipoprotein metabolism
Professor Vimal Karani  Professor in Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics; Programme Director, BSc Nutrition and Food Science and BSc Nutrition with Food Consumer Sciences Gene-nutrient interactions on metabolic- and cardiovascular disease- related outcomes using combined approaches from genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics and molecular biology
Dr Andreas Karatzas Associate Professor of Food Microbiology; Co-Director of Postgraduate Research Studies Molecular mechanisms of stress resistance of bacterial foodborne pathogens and gut microorganisms; glutamate and amino acid decarboxylase systems
Professor Orla Kennedy Professor in Public Health Nutrition; Teaching and Learning Dean Food choice and appetite
Professor Gunter Kuhnle  Professor of Nutrition and Food Science; Director of Teaching and Learning Dietary assessment, nutritional biomarkers, public health
Dr Marie Lewis Associate Professor in Gut Immunology and Microbiology; Research Division Lead; Head of Flow Cytometry Centre Intestinal bacteria influence on the development of the immune system
Dr Stella Lignou Lecturer in Sensory and Consumer Science Flavour chemistry
Professor Julie Lovegrove
Hugh Sinclair Professor of Human Nutrition; Head of the Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition; Deputy Director of the Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research (ICMR) Dietary fats, carbohydrates, flavonoids, cardiometabolic risk, nutrient-gene interaction
Dr Nikos Mavroudis Associate Professor in Food Quality and Regulation; Programme Director, BSc Food Science with Business  
Professor Lisa Methven
Professor in Food and Sensory Science; Head of Food Research Group Sensory science, taste and flavour chemistry and perception, the effects of age on sensory perception, individual differences in sensory perception, the effects of plant phytochemicals on consumer acceptance 
Dr Charlotte Mills Hugh Sinclair Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences Maximising the cardiometabolic health impact of plant bioactives
Professor Keshavan Niranjan

Professor of Food Bioprocessing;

Director of International Collaborations
Food engineering, bubble containing foods, high pressure processing, food packaging for functionality and sustainability, frying, aqueous and enzymatic edible oil extraction
Dr Maria Oruna-Concha Associate Professor in Food Chemistry; Admissions Tutor (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught); Social Networking Coordinator Flavour formation (via Maillard reaction), analysis of food components contributing to taste (including umami & kokumi), analysis and characterization of phytochemicals, recovery of functional ingredients from waste streams, acrylamide
Dr Jane Parker Associate Professor; Flavour Centre Manager Flavour chemistry (particularly industry related projects), flavour analysis, GC-Olfactometry, reaction mechanisms for Maillard reaction, lipid degradation, acrylamide formation, optimisation of aroma, mathematical modelling of flavour formation pathways, interaction of aroma compounds with the food matrix, kinetics, smoke
Professor Bob Rastall

Professor of Food Biotechnology;

Head of Outreach and Enterprise
Prebiotics, probiotics, gut microbial ecology, enzyme technology, carbohydrate bioengineering
Dr Julia Rodriguez Garcia Lecturer in Food Science and Technology; Programme Director, BSc Food Science and BSc Food Technology with Bioprocessing Structure, physical properties, microstructure, bakery science
Professor Jeremy Spencer Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and Medicine; Programme Director, MSc Nutrition and Food Science Dietary phytochemicals and brain function; Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease; flavonoids and other (poly)phenols and their influence on brain health
Professor Carol Wagstaff

Professor in Crop Quality for Health; Director of AgriFood Training Partnership; Impact Lead; Head of School of Chemistry, Food & Pharmacy

Quality of food, including the nutritional value, appearance, flavour and shelf life, helping consumers make healthy dietary choices, phytochemicals and food matrices; gut health; crops and yield improvement
Dr Gemma Walton

Lecturer in Metagenomics;

Examinations Officer 
Gut health, microbiome, prebiotics and probiotics, iron metabolism, equine microbiota
Dr Anisha Wijeyesekera Lecturer in Human Microbiome Studies; Co-Director of Postgraduate Research Studies

Molecular phenotyping, gut microbiota-host interactions, diet and age associated health outcomes

Professor Parveen Yaqoob Professor of Nutritional Physiology; Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation Diet, immunity, inflammation, vascular function 

Centres, Networks and Partnerships

Name Position and Responsibilities Location
Dr Dimitrios Balagiannis Research Fellow Flavour Centre
Tina Bhati Hugh Sinclair Unit Manager Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition
Dr Sameer Khalil Ghawi Food Technologist

Food Processing Centre

Sarah Hargreaves

Hugh Sinclair Unit Manager Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition
Fiona Lee Administrative Coordinator

AgriFood Training Partnership

Barbara Mason Project Manager

AgriFood Training Partnership

Rada Mihaylova Research Nurse Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition
Khush Panwar Research Nurse Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition
Dr Carlos Poveda Turrado Research Technician Flow Cytometry Facility

Research and Teaching

Name Position and Responsibilities Research interests
Dr Oluwabunmi Adebambo Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Glutamate/amino acid decarboxylase systems, gut microbiology

Dr Keith Allen-Redpath Postdoctoral Research Assistant Thrombosis and haemostasis, cardiovascular disease, vascular function and diet
Dr Stephanie Bull Teaching Fellow in Sensory Science Sensory science, oral processing, physicochemical interactions, protein-polysaccharide interactions, texture perception
Dr Martin Chadwick Postdoctoral Research Associate Sensory science, analytical chemistry, food security and sustainability
Yianna Chatzidiakou Research Technician Human nutrition
Rui Ding Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Physical properties of foods system, emulsions and competitive adsorption, rheology, Theoretical Modelling: Self-Consistent-Field (SCF) calculations

Dr Bogdan Dobraszczyk Postdoctoral Research Assistant  
Dr Rosalind Fallaize Postdoctoral Research Assistant Human nutrition
Andrea Gacsalyi Research Technician Human nutrition
Dr Athanasios Koutsos Postdoctoral Research Assistant Human nutrition
Angelica Kristek Research Assistant  
Dr Plinio Minghin Freitas Ferreira Postdoctoral Research Associate Platelet biology, extracelullar vesicles, fatty acids
Dr Bola Oloyede Postdoctoral Research Assistant Sensory science, flavour chemistry, understanding consumer perception and acceptance of food packaging materials
Aikaterini Papadopoulou Research Assistant  
Marios Pateras Research Assistant  
Dr Parvathy Prabhakumari Postdoctoral Research Associate Functional food ingredients, development and applications of biodegradable polymers
Rose-Anna Pushpass Research Assistant  
Bindukala Radha Research Technician  
Laury Sellem Research Technician  
Dr Rachel Smith Postdoctoral Research Assistant Sensory science, consumer behaviour, food choice, co-creation, the obesogenic environment
Erin Wallace Research Assistant Design research, participatory research methods, co-design and co-creation, creative methods and generative workshops
Dr Michelle Weech Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dietary fat and cardiovascular disease risk
Dr Xirui Zhou Postdoctoral Research Assistant Individual differences in sensory perception and influence of sensory perception on appetite

Professor Emeritus & Visiting Professors and Fellows

Name Title

Professor Paul Berryman

Visiting Professor

Professor Gordon Birch

Professor Emeritus of Food Chemistry

Professor Geoffrey Campbell-Platt

Professor Emeritus of Food Technology

Professor Julian Cooper

Visiting Professor

Professor Mike Gordon Professor Emeritus of Food Chemistry
Dr Alistair Grandison Honorary Fellow
Professor Tony Hines Visiting Professor
Professor Basil Jarvis Visiting Professor
Dr David Jukes Honorary Fellow
Professor David Ledward Professor Emeritus of Food Science
Dr Mike Lewis Honorary Fellow
Professor Hal MacFie Visiting Professor
Dr Oonagh Markey Visiting Fellow
Professor Don Mottram Professor Emeritus of Food Chemistry
Professor David Richardson Visiting Professor
Professor Ian Rowland Professor Emeritus of Human Nutrition
Professor David Schofield Professor Emeritus of Cereal Biochemistry
Dr Rebecca Smith Visiting Fellow
Professor David Thomson Visiting Professor
Andrew Wilbey Honorary Fellow

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