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Understanding the chemistry of flavour is crucial to developing successful new products.

The Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences has a long-established and international reputation for its work in flavours, and our Flavour Centre can help to ensure that both new and existing products are as appealing as possible.


Expert flavour analysis

With a suite of modern extraction techniques, the Flavour Centre can provide analysis of:

  • flavourings
  • aroma and taste compounds
  • precursors, offnotes and taints
  • harmful compounds, such as acrylamide.

You'll have the opportunity to use the Flavour Centre's facilities if you choose the Advanced Food Chemistry module on our BSc and MSc courses.

Surprisingly little is known about the flavour compounds found in our foods. How these interact to create the aromas and flavours we take for granted every day is only just starting to be understood. Not everyone perceives tastes and flavours in the same way, and this is due to our own genetics. This in turn affects whether we like or dislike certain foods, and I'm interested in learning what chemical compounds might be responsible for these preferences.

Dr Luke Bell

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Are you a food industry professional?

You can access our scientists and our advanced analytical equipment through our Flavour Centre. The Centre provides the platform for proven innovation in all areas of food manufacturing, and the fresh thinking that delivers a competitive advantage.

Discover our flavour research and consulting services for industry


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Food Processing Centre

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Flow Cytometry Suite

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