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Stephen Elmore

Stephen Elmore Staff Profile



Building location

Harry Nursten

Areas of interest

After completing a PhD on the flavour of instant coffee, Stephen Elmore worked as mass spectroscopist at the Institute of Food Research, Reading, for six years. There he published papers on flavour extract authenticity and the measurement of flavour release in model systems.

In 1995 he joined the University of Reading, to undertake research into the effect of animal diet on the flavour of cooked beef and lamb. Manipulation of the lipid composition of cattle and sheep can provide lamb and beef with improved nutritional value. He has published work showing that dietary lipid supplements high in polyunsaturated fatty acids affected the flavour profiles of cooked meat.

Since 2002 he has been involved in the study of acrylamide, a potential carcinogen found in baked and fried foods. Initially he investigated the relationship of acrylamide with its precursors and also its relationship with flavour formation. This work was part of a project examining the effect of processing conditions on acrylamide levels in potato, rye and wheat. Most recently he has been part of a project examining how agronomic practice and cultivar may impact on levels of acrylamide and its precursors in potatoes.

Since 2008 Steve has worked for the Flavour Centre, which is a commercial venture, solving flavour-related problems for the food industry.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, University of Reading
  • BSc, University of Reading.

External activities

  • Receiving editor for the journal Food Chemistry.


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