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Arts Committee

Supporting and promoting the Arts within the University and the wider community.

The Arts Committee, or Standing Committee of Senate on the Arts, is a large committee representing the wide artistic interests of the University and local community.  The Committee is made up of both student representatives and staff, including representatives from key RUSU societies.

We provide grants (and guarantees against loss) for Arts initiatives across the university, in response to applications from staff and students.

Some examples of events we've supported are:

  • Events at MERL and at the URE museum
  • Concerts and musical accompaniments, plus related events
  • Exhibitions to display arts related materials
  • Science Slam and related events

We also support art-related collections held by the University in the form of a small bursary (£750) to support a student to work under the direction of a member of staff on cataloguing and conservation projects.

We meet once a term, and a steering group convenes a week before the committee to consider the applications and request further information from applicants as necessary.  Applications should be submitted by the deadlines given below.

Meeting dates for Academic Year 2018/19

15th November 2018; deadline for applications is 5th November 2018

7th February 2019; deadline for applications is 28th January 2019

16th May 2019; deadline for applications is 7th May 2019

How to apply

Please read the "Guidance for Applicants" which can be downloaded from the link on the top right.  Please then submit your application in the form of a document, setting out details of the project and details of the timing, venue, audience reach and all other relevant information.   Don't forget to include the date(s) of the event, and what it is!  Please ensure that you include information about how your project supports or enhances Arts at the University.  We will also need details of the costs involved and your budget: if you wish, please feel free to use our Funding budget form (at the right of this page).  If you have applied for other funding, please include that information.

For bursaries, please use the relevant application form on the right: bursaries are only considered at the summer meeting in May. 

You can then email your application to us at the contact address on the right. It is not necessary to sign the application form. 

The Steering Group reviews all submitted applications approximately a week before the full Committee, and the Secretary will be in touch at that point if there are any aspects of your application which need clarification or further detail.  This gives you the opportunity to review your application in the light of those comments, and make adjustments in time for the main meeting. You will then be contacted soon after the meeting with the Committee's decision.

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