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Dr Igor Krstic

Job Title:
Postdoctoral Researcher


Areas of Interest:

My postdoctoral research focuses on  essay films, often described as a crossover between documentary, fiction and experimental forms of filmmaking. More specifically, it is concerned with a topic repeatedly dealt with in essay films: migration and the exploration of its personal and political intricacies and consequences. In my research I deal with both historical and contemporary examples, such as Jonas Mekas' Lost, Lost, Lost (1976) or John Akomfrah's The Nine Muses  (2009).


  • MA in Film and TV Studies (thesis on postmodern films depicting the disintegration of Yugoslavia), University of Amsterdam
  • PhD in English and American Studies (thesis on the representation of slums in world cinema), University of Mannheim


[edited volume] World Cinema and the Essay Film, co-edited with Brenda Hollweg (in preparation).

[book] Slums on Screen. World Cinema and the Planet of Slums. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

[book chapter] Remediating the 'Other Half': Planet Slum as Transmedia Project', Johan Andersson and Lawrence Webb (eds),Global Cinematic Cities: New Landscapes of Film and Media, London and New York: Wallflower Press 2016.

'[translation] Elsaesser, Thomas. 'World Cinema: Realismus, Evidenz, Präsenz.' Soziale Systeme. Themenheft: Welterzeugung durch Bilder. Jg. 18 (2013) Heft 1 + 2. Stuttgart: Lucius & Lucius. 386-402.

Immersion in the 'Maximum City'? Interactivity, kinaesthetics and notions of embodiment in Slumdog Millionaire (2008)', New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film. Vol. 9: 2+3. 2012. 83-99.

'Slums Analog / Slums Digital'. Parapluie: Elektronische Kulturzeitschrift (28): Medien/Slums.

'Camera obscura und Phantasmagoria: Zwei Modelle filmischer Visualität.' Parapluie: Elektronische Kulturzeitschrift (26): Visuelle Kultur.

'McLuhan-Galaxie. Medientheorie als Kulturgeschichte.' KulturPoetik. Zeitschrift für kulturgeschichtliche Literaturwissenschaft. 9/2. 219-34.

[book] Wunden der symbolischen Ordnung. Subjekt zwischen Trauma und Phantasma in serbischen Filmen der 1990er Jahre. Wien: Verlag Turia + Kant 2009.

[review] 'McLuhan as Dialectical Cultural Historian.' [Review of Janine Marchessault. Marshall McLuhan: Cosmic Media. London: SAGE Publications, 2005]. International Journal for Baudrillard Studies. 3/1 (2006).

'Re-thinking Serbia: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Modern Serbian History and Identity through Popular Culture.' Other Voices: The eJournal of Cultural Criticism (2/2).

book chapter] 'Showtime Brothers! A vision of the Bosnian war.' Horton, Andrew James (ed.): The Celluloid Tinderbox. Yugoslav screen reflections of a turbulent decade. Telford, UK: Central Europe Review. 43-62.

'[book chapter] Serbia's Wound Culture. Teenage Killers in Milosevic's Serbia.' Horton, Andrew James (ed.): The Celluloid Tinderbox. Yugoslav screen reflections of a turbulent decade. Telford: Central Europe Review. 89-102.

'Representing Yugoslavia? Emir Kusturica's Underground and the politics of post-modern cinematic historiography.' Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis. Media & War 2 (2). 138-159.

Member of the editorial board of Parapluie - Elektronische Zeitschrift für Kulturen, Künste, Literaturen.

Member of the Executive Committee of CFAC - Center for Film Aestehtics and Cultures.

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