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Real-world experience at Molinare

Amy Mary Jones experienced what it's like to work for Molinare TV & Film Ltd, one of the UK's leading supplier of post-production for episodic dramas, feature films, and factual productions.

A look behind the scenes

Amy's time at Molinare enabled her to gain valuable insight into a possible future career after graduating. As well as helping her to map her career path, she used this time to put her knowledge into practice and to discover the reality of life in post-production.

"Spending the week at Molinare has been fascinating. It's been a really good insight into a large post-production house in the centre of London. The job roles I've seen have been a good mixture of familiar and new, and I was surprised to see one job I had assumed was undertaken by just one person was actually split between two."


Learning from experts in the field

Amy spent the majority of her time in Molinare's factual audio department, shadowing George Foulgham, in documentary sound mixing. She also gained experience working with other departments to develop her understanding of how companies such as Molinare operate.

"George spent time explaining how the audio is balanced, edited and touched up before the final picture is released. Working with colleagues from other areas of Molinare gave me a good idea of the context of the company, which helped me understand more of what George was showing me."


George Foulgham brings a wealth of experience to his role as Head of the Documentary Feature Sound Department at Molinare, having garnered several Sound: Factual BAFTA nominations, a Royal Television Society award and a BAFTA award. George has also worked on mixing two Oscar-winning films; Man on Wire released in 2009; and The White Helmets, Netflix's first Oscar award-winning production, released in 2016.

"Amy was able to experience the workings of the Molinare sound mixing studios, witnessing the mixing of various projects from TV drama to theatrical feature documentary. She also spent time with some of our award-winning sound designers, looking at how sound FX and dialogue are edited and manipulated prior to the final sound mixing."

George Foulgham, Head of Feature Documentary and Sound, Molinare TV & Film Ltd

A launchpad to her future career

Amy regards her time at Molinare as the perfect opportunity to decide her next steps after the University of Reading, and gain an understanding of other peoples' journeys in her chosen field of film. 

"Spending this week at Molinare will definitely help me in the future. Speaking to people about their roles and how they ended up here has given me a good idea of how I might start my own career and, in the shorter term, it's given me a good direction for my final film project." 

George believes that providing students with placements in the film industry, and helping them gain experience behind the scenes in the field, is vital to their professional development. 

"The management, and the creatives of Molinare, recognise the importance of sharing film and TV industry experience. After all, in one way or another, the majority of creatives working in the UK film and TV industry started their own career path from work experience opportunities."

-George Foulgham


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