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Alex Kordek began his dynamic career in the entertainment industry after graduating from the Department of Film, Theatre, and Television. He founded his own agency and now works as a choreographer and artistic director for celebrities.

Following your passion

Alex was attracted to the University of Reading by its beautiful Whiteknights campus, flourishing area, and proximity to London, which provided easy access to work experience opportunities and theatre trips. 

Alex, however, did not always plan to pursue a career in film and the arts. He initially enrolled at Reading for an American Studies course, but soon realised that he should have pursued his passion instead. This prompted him to change his course, which luckily went smoothly and quickly.

“I’ve always been inspired by being part of a creative space. I loved both my time at Reading and my degree.”

Innovative teaching and learning 

Alex especially enjoyed his course's varied modules, which provided him with comprehensive theoretical knowledge. 

“The course was well-structured, the department was amazing, and the staff were so knowledgeable and experienced. The wide range of modules meant I could explore Third World cinema through to American and Indian cinema.”

He also gained practical skills and made the most of Reading's resources and facilities. Alex is grateful for the access to technology and opportunities to learn a variety of skills during his studies, which provided him with important skills that he still uses today. 

“At Reading I had access to a large theatre, professional cameras and editing suites – in fact, the editing programme I was trained on at Reading is the one I still use in my work today. On the drama side of my degree, I learnt about stage production and management, lighting, and sound, as well as performance.”

Reaching for the stars

During his time at Reading, Alex secured work experience at a television company in London which led to his first job in music licensing. However, Alex was passionate about a performance career and decided to take a leap of faith.

“I chose to get a teaching qualification in fitness and exercise, funding myself by teaching in gyms whilst I learnt.

"My career got a boost when Time Out magazine featured my private dance classes which were a unique and exciting concept back then, so this press really helped. I secured modelling, dance and acting agents and spent a five-year period building up my experience.”

Alex set up AJK Agency, offering corporate team building sessions, and the company grew into a dance agency representing dancers and models.

Alex relocated to Los Angeles in 2019, where he now works as a choreographer and artistic director on music videos for A-list celebrities.

“L.A. is so huge – you have to start from scratch with no contacts. But it’s also inspiring, and I’ve experienced amazing things there. I believe anyone can do anything if you put your mind to it and work hard, and I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Embracing the journey to success

Alex believes that creating and providing a distinct identity is critical to success in the entertainment industry. 

“You need to brand yourself and offer something different and be flexible – for example at Reading I transferred to a different course, and throughout my career I’ve evolved from acting, to dance and performance, to the life coaching I’m doing now.

"Build up your contacts, be versatile, and be your own business. For anyone interested in breaking America, then be really well-prepared, expect to start from scratch, and be patient.”

For the students who want to aspire to a similar career, Alex advises: 

“Take advantage of the technology and opportunities that are available to you. My learning from Reading transcends into my work now, from time management to editing skills.

"I loved my time at Reading and I’m grateful that my time spent there gave me the knowledge and experience to succeed in my chosen career.”

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