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Choosing a supervisor is one of the most important steps towards completing a successful PhD. Our academic experts specialise in a range of different areas, including global law, financial and commercial law and EU and human rights law.

Find a supervisor who you feel has the expertise to support you and whose specialisms are most closely aligned with your own chosen area of interest.

Areas of supervision

Name Research interests Email
Dr Bolanle Adebola

Corporate Law, including corporate insolvency law, governance and finance, and comparative corporate law

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Dr Folashade Adeyemo

Company Law, particularly directors duties,

Banking and Financial Regulation,

Bank Insolvency,

Whistleblower Protection
Professor Paul Almond

Criminal Law,

Regulation and Enforcement,

Criminology and Criminal Justice,

Health and Safety Law
Dr Adrian Aronsson-Storrier

Intellectual Property Law,

Information Law and Technology Law
Dr Marie Aronsson-Storrier

International Disaster Law, focusing on disaster risk reduction and development,

Human Rights Law,


International law-making
Professor David Bilchitz

Comparative Constitutional Law,

Business and Human Rights,

Socio-Economic Rights,

Animal Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights
Dr Alison Bisset

Transitional Justice,

International Human Rights Law,

International Children's Rights
Professor Thérèse Callus

Biomedical Law and Ethics,

Regulation of assisted conception, parenthood,

Family Law and Policy
Dr Ana Cannilla

Legal theory,

Feminist studies,

Constitutional law
Dr Peter Coe

Media Law generally,

Free speech/freedom of expression, media freedom and media regulation/media accountability,

Privacy and reputation,

Defamation and, in particular, corporate reputation
Professor James Devenney

Commercial Law, particularly International/Transnational Commercial Law and Sale of Goods Law,

Contract Law, including Comparative Contract Law,

Equity and Trusts,


Consumer Law, particularly Consumer Credit Law,

Europeanisation of Private Law
Professor Rosa Freedman

United Nations, particularly human rights bodies and accountability for human rights abuses committed by UN actors

International Human Rights Law

International Law and International Relations
Professor James Green

Public International Law, particularly the law on the use of force, issues related to the formation and nature of customary international law, nuclear non-proliferation law and cyber-warfare
Dr Jorge Guira

Law and Finance

Oil and Gas Law

Energy Law

Securities Law and Regulation

International Mergers and Acquisitions

International Banking Law

International Arbitration
Dr Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne

Public International Law, particularly international humanitarian law, international criminal law, international human rights law, state responsibility and the law of treaties
Professor Chris Hilson

Environmental Law and Policy

Law and Climate Change

Energy Law

Law and Social Movements

EU Law
Dr Nora Honkala

Gender and Law

Feminist theory

International Refugee Law, International Human Rights Law and Public International Law
Ms Rachel Horton

Equality Law

Employment Law

Medical Law, particularly discrimination in access to health care

Disability Rights
Professor Grace James

Employment and Labour Law

EU Gender Equality Law

Discrimination Law
Dr Beatrice Krebs

Criminal Law, particularly complicity, homicide and offences against the person

Comparative Criminal Law

International Criminal Law
Dr Stuart Lakin

UK Constitutional and Administrative Law

Human Rights Law

Constitutional Theory

Legal Theory
Professor Gerard McMeel QC

Commercial Law

Contract Law

Banking Law and Financial Law and Regulation

Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
Professor Robert Merkin QC

Insurance, Reinsurance, Arbitration
Dr Andrea Miglionico

Banking regulation (NPLs, loan finance)

Financial Law

Financial Markets

Regulatory technology (AI, Open Banking and Financial Inclusion)
Dr Annika Newnham

Family Law and Child Law

Law and Feminism
Dr Stephen Samuel

Public International Law

Comparative Law


Legal History

Legal Education

English Private Law
Professor Michael Schmitt

International humanitarian law

Use of force

International cyber law

Professor Schmitt also specialises in potential postgraduate research projects led by members of the UK and US Armed Forces
Dr Charlotte Smith

Legal History, particularly 19th-century legal history and the ecclesiastical law of the Church of England

Constitutional Law

Law and Religion
Dr Anne Thies

EU Law, particularly EU external relations law

Comparative Foreign Relations Law

Foreign relations law and gender equality

International Trade Law

Public International Law, particularly international dispute settlement
Dr David Wilde

UK Tax Law

Equity and Trusts
Dr Mark Wilde

Tort Law

Environmental Law


Legal history; especially historical aspects of all of the above
Dr Matthew Windsor

Public International Law

International Trade and Investment Law

Sociological Approaches to International Law

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Law and Literature
Professor Aleardo Zanghellini

Law, Gender and Sexuality, particularly LGBTQ+ rights


Law & Philosophy, particularly moral and political philosophy

Law & Literature

Queer Legal Theory
Dr Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler

International Refugee Law

Electoral Rights and Citizenship

Human Rights Law

Comparative Constitutional Law

International Humanitarian Law