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What is AppsAnywhere?

AppsAnywhere is a web based tool which provides access to the Software applications you use for teaching and studying. AppsAnywhere can be used from your own Windows device or from a University owned PC, from any campus location.

How does it work?

AppsAnywhere has two parts; a web page from which to view the catalogue of Software applications and a Cloudpaging player to load the Software applications you want to use. The Cloudpaging player window allows you to see the progress of the Application loading. Software is supported only on Windows PCs at present.

What Software Applications are available?

Not all Software Applications are available within AppsAnywhere. Software Applications must meet both a licensing criteria and performance criteria to be included.

Getting Started

Before accessing AppsAnywhere on your own device you will need to download the CloudPaging Player.

Please follow the specific instructions below for installing the CloudPaging player on a:

  • University provided PC 
  • Personal Windows PC
  • Labs PC

You will need to follow the appropriate steps before AppsAnywhere works.

After installing the Cloudpaging Player, follow this guide on Using the Cloudpaging Player to manage your apps in AppsAnywhere.

university provided pc

To use the new AppsAnywhere hub at, you will need to install a new version of the Cloudpaging player AND the new AppsAnywhere Client.

This process requires the computer to reboot, so please choose an appropriate time within your working week to complete this. The download will be made available until the end of the first Academic term 2017/2018

To install the Cloudpaging Player and Apps Anywhere Client please follow the instructions below;

  1. Click Start
  2. Type 'Software' into the Search menu. Under Programs select 'Software Center'
  3. Click on Cloudpaging Player and AppsAnywhere. If no Cloudpaging Player and AppsAnywhere update is available contact the IT Service Desk.
  4. Click the install button. If the button available lists 'uninstall' you already have this Software installed, progress to Step 8.
  5. The screen will show the install progress. Please wait and do not use your laptop in this period. Install will take a few minutes.
  6. Once the install is complete, the button display will show 'uninstall'.
  7. Restart your machine
  8. Once the PC is restarted, open Internet Explorer
  9. Go to:
  10.  Login using your University Username and password. Click Login.
  11.  The new AppsAnywhere hub page will display. The hub automatically checks for the installation of Cloudpaging player and AppsAnywhere Client. You will see this as a validation check at the top of the screen.

For a more detailed set of instructions please refer to the Knowledge Base article: Install instructions for University Provided PC

Personal windows PC

Whether you are an existing user of AppsAnywhere or a new one, you will need to follow the below instructions to set up your AppsAnywhere session.

The new version of AppsAnywhere requires that you have two items installed before you can load any Software Applications;

  • Cloudpaging player 9.0.1 and above
  • AppsAnywhere Client

Follow this step by step guide to get set up;

  1. Open an Internet Explorer session (or Google Chrome / EDGE) as preferred. NOTE - If you have used the AppsAnywhere service before you will need to clear the Cookies in your web browser session. Use the 'How to remove your Cookies in IE 11' article in the Knowledge base article for guidance
  2. In the URL pane enter
  3. Enter your University Username (i.e. UJ000000) and password and click sign in
  4. The screen will display two buttons. Whether you are a new or existing User; CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON
  5. Click 'Run' on the pop-up at the base of the screen.
  6. The Set up Wizard will appear in screen. Click the Next button to continue and follow the on-screen instructions to install.
  7.  Once the install process has completed, click Close.
  8.  AppsAnywhere client will then install.
  9.  Click Done.
  10.  The AppsAnywhere page will display. Wait for the service to 'Validate' as seen in the blue box at the top of the screen. Note - If the session does not validate you will not be able to use the AppsAnywhere service. Use the knowledge base articles or contact IT Service Desk should the validation fail after successful install.
  11.  Following successful validation a green banner is momentarily displayed on screen. You are now ready to use the AppsAnywhere site.
  12.  To launch and open Apps, hover over the Apps and click on Launch.

For a more detailed guide with accompanying illustrations please refer to the Knowledge Base article:  Install instructions for Personal Windows PC

Lab Pc

No additional set up is required for these PC's. Simply head to to access your software.

If the website does not validate then please contact IT on ext: 6262.


useful links


Software Store - more information on software can be found here

having a problem with appsanywhere?

Check our Knowledge Base


Contact our Service Desk using our  IT Self Service Portal or call us on  0118 378 6262

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