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Digital Capabilities

What are digital capabilities, how do they relate to work and study?
Information and updates on the Digital Capabilities project, the team, and how to get involved.

The term "Digital Capabilities" refers to a set of skills which help us to navigate the online world both at work and in society. It relates to a mindset and approach to the critical and responsible use of digital tools, and the development of continuous learning and skills development 

Digital Capabilities apply at work and in other aspects of our lives: we need to be digitally capable and aware in order to make the most of the tools available to us, and keep ourselves safe and secure online.

The University's Digital Strategy states that supporting staff to develop digital capabilities is key component of the ongoing digital transformation work. 

The first stage of the Digital Capabilities work is a 12-month project to understand the digital capabilities needs of staff and students at the University of Reading, and produce an action plan to support the development of skills in future.