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Digital Strategy

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Our Digital Strategy to 2027

The Digital Strategy sets out our vision for how technology will be used to improve the experience of students and staff over the coming years

It includes projects that all support the core principles of the University Strategy: Community, Excellence, Sustainability and Engaged University.

The Digital Strategy is aimed at ensuring the University is fit for the future, allowing those who work and study here to thrive and ensuring we remain attractive to prospective students.

It is about getting the basics right, as well as adding new, innovative IT solutions to improve the campus experience.

Digital technology evolves rapidly, and so the Strategy has been designed to be flexible enough to keep up with changes as well as having clear and defined goals.


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Core Drivers

The Digital Strategy was developed alongside the Estate Strategy and the two have the same five drivers:

1. Staff Experience

Our colleagues need modern and reliable infrastructure and support to make the most of new technologyThe Strategy is delivering faster, more efficient systems and training on how to use them, providing an uncomplicated working experience.

2. Student Experience

Today’s students demand a modern campus and teaching, integrated technologies and digital skills for their future careers. The Strategy is delivering improved classroom technology, easy access to information, improved student engagement, better analysis of learning and digital literacy training.

3. Growth

We cannot stand still if we want to remain competitive. The Strategy will provide infrastructure that can evolve with changing demands, such as distance learningand systems to support our student recruitment targets.

4. Risk & Compliance

We must be resilient to threats and reduce the risk of system failures.The Strategy ensures we remain resilient against cyber attackssupport our staff and students to address challenges and ensure digital platforms are accessible to everyone.

5. Sustainability

The University’s has ambitious targets around environmental sustainability, including a 2030 carbon net zero pledge, as well as financial objectives to keep us strong in the futureThe Strategy is supporting these by cutting our digital carbon footprint, reducing waste, using data and smart technology to improve efficiency and automating processes.


More Information

For more information about how the Digital Strategy affects you or your area, speak to your DTS Business Relationship Manager.