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Managed Print Services (MPS)

The University has a network of efficient and cost-effective printer and scanning devices called Multi-Functional Devices (MFD). You can choose to print to any device on campus, by sending your document to a central print queue and then 'pulling' it from the MFD in a location that is convenient for your work at any given time. The machines are easy to operate using your University Campus Card, allowing for secure, confidential printing anywhere on campus.

Below you will find helpful documents and webpages that will assist you in using the MPS.

Connecting to the MPS

Connecting to the MPS (MacOS)

Connecting to the MPS (Windows)

Connecting to the MPS (personal computer, i.e. non UoR device)

How to login/logout to a MPS printer

How to login/logout of a MPS printer

What to do if a printer is out of paper (A3/A4 models)

What to do if a printer is out of paper

Campus Card

Top up and get information on your campus card using our Campus Card Portal.


1. What is the Managed Print Service?

For details of the service please refer to the service description in our Service Catalogue.

The Managed Print Service was implemented following a review of print requirements across the University and a decision by the University Executive Board to move to a system with fewer, higher quality devices which will enable the University to save money whilst delivering the following benefits:

  • Secure pull-printing (also known as follow me printing), allowing staff to choose where on campus to print their documents and no longer be restricted to their local printer
  • Standardised devices that allow for reduced complexity and improved service
  • Reduced time taken to conduct the admin associated with printers such as ordering new ink cartridges and toner
  • Significantly reduced costs to the University of buying, servicing and using print devices
  • Reduced impact on the environment, through use of more energy efficient devices and less wasted paper

2. How is printing & copying paid for?

The invoice from Konica Minolta will be paid centrally by the University. The total cost of the managed print service has been used to calculate a price per copy to enable the costs to be recharged to the Schools/Services based on how much you print. There is a separate cost per copy for colour and black and white. This cost will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains a true reflection of the cost of providing the service. The usage will be recharged on a monthly(?) basis to the Schools/Services, who will receive a report detailing what usage they have been charged for by person. The cost per copy includes all printing consumables, e.g. paper, toners, cartridges, and maintenance/service. Students pay for printing and copying via their Campus Card account.

3. How does "follow me" printing work?

With the Managed Print Service, you send your print job to a central 'print queue'. You can then select any device on campus to collect your prints from - the software will only send your prints to the specific device you choose, when you place your Campus Card on the reader.

4. How does scanning work?

Documents can be scanned and emailed to your University email address. After logging in an MPS device, press the Scan button to get the scanning options.

5. Can I see everyone's print jobs? Can anyone else see my print jobs?

No, only you can see your print jobs. Pull printing provides a significantly improved level of security for confidential printing. This is because a job sent to the printer will never be printed out unless the person who sent the job is physically next to the printer in order to release and print the job. You can choose to print from any device on campus, but your documents will only appear when you have used your Campus Card to release them.

6. What if I forget my University of Reading Campus Card, how will I get my print or do any copying?

It is also possible to login to an MPS device by typing in your University of Reading username and password on the device's touchscreen.

7. How long are documents held in the MPS queue?

Documents are held in the MPS queue for 24 hours. After that time, they are automatically deleted.

8. How are paper and toner provided for the MPS devices?

Paper and toner are provided centrally by the on-site Konica Minolta team. Users are able to load paper into their device and change toner themselves.

If you have run out before your regular delivery arrives you can request a paper delivery. This should be done via the IT Self-Service Portal (

9. How do I request a new device or ask for an existing device to be moved?

Requests for a new device or to move an existing device should go to the IT Service Desk via the IT Self-Service Portal ( As the number of devices has been determined to provide the best balance between access and cost savings, any request for a new device will be subject to an approvals process.

10. How do I report a fault?

Faults should be reported to the IT Service Desk via the IT Self-Service Portal ( or by phoning x6262.

List of MPS Printers