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Chaperone service

The University of Reading is a great place to work and study and spans over 350 acres set in beautiful park like grounds, creating a calm and relaxing place to work or study.

However the Security Services have recognised that due to the sheer size of the University, some staff or students may feel vulnerable when working or studying at night particularly when returning to their accommodation or car

As a result Security have introduced an "Hawk Eye" chaperone service which will help to reassure individuals that security is aware of their location and will track them on CCTV as they return to their cars or Halls.

Please note: Due to the pandemic, Security cannot transport staff or students in security vehicles.

How it works

To use the service you will be asked the following questions;

  1. Your name
  2. Telephone number ( mobile)
  3. Your present location
  4. Your intended location

Hawk Eye Chaperone;

When booked, security will watch over the individual using the CCTV system "where possible" for the duration of their journey.

Please call security before you set off and again when you have reached your destination to confirm that you are safe

Please note:

  1. The service is not guaranteed and is subject to operational needs, however all efforts will be made to offer the service to anyone who needs assistance
  2. When using the "Hawk Eye" service security can only acknowledge the start and finish time of the journey, but cannot stay on the phone throughout as it will tie up the limited phone lines in the security office
  3. Please remember that not all of the journey may be covered by CCTV

The service is available from Dusk until Dawn

If you wish to use the service or need further advice please call security on 0118 378 7799

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To book a Chaperone or the "Hawk Eye" service

Call 0118 378 7799

Contact us


  • Telephone:
    +44 (0)118 378 6300

General enquiries

  • Telephone:
    +44 (0)118 378 7799

Pleaase Note:

Contact the Police


  • Telephone: 999