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Campus Watch

Following in the footsteps of other major universities such as Exeter and Loughborough, Campus watch is a new university initiative similar to the very successful Neighbourhood Watch schemes used throughout the world.

It is a two way partnership between the Security Services and the campus community, which will help us to be more proactive when dealing with any security issues and anti-social behaviour.

The idea of Campus watch is to encourage staff and students to report to Security any suspicious persons or activity on university property, assisting by vigilance from their work areas.

This will ensure a quick response to any activity we may not have seen or been aware of.

Email Alerts:

Building managers and individuals can also sign up to a scheme where they will receive an email with brief details of a reported incident or suspect activity.

The email will be sent if an incident has not been completely resolved, or is an on-going problem that Security feels that Watch members should be made aware of.

Watch members can then report any findings in their particular areas to Security.

By working together, the information received and given will increase our ability to combat crime around the campus.

To join Campus Watch:

Please send an email from your university email account to

In the subject line please state " I want to join Campus Watch"

How it will work:

The Campus community members will be able to contact security through various means; they can phone for an immediate response or email direct Security Control

Campuses watch members:

On receipt of an email regarding any potential criminal activity

  • Campus Watch members can cascade the information to others, ensuring they are aware of the issue.
  • Individuals will be extra vigilant in their workplace.
  • Any information gained will be called in to Security.

The advantage of Campus Watch is that there will be an increase in the sharing of information, and will effectively give the Security Services more eyes around the campus, particularly over large areas at the same time which will be invaluable when dealing with any situation

Contact us

Find out how to report a crime or incident on campus


  • Telephone: +44 (0)118 378 6300

General enquiries

  • Telephone: +44 (0)118 378 7799

Pleaase Note:

Contact the Police


  • Telephone: 999