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Receiving mail

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Incoming external mail

The University's incoming mail is pre-sorted by Royal Mail and delivered to the recognised delivery point for each unique postcode. Whiteknights House receives mail for Whiteknights House, Blandford Lodge, SportsPark, Palmer Building and a few other Departments with early morning access problems. All other buildings have their own deliveries - please only accept deliveries that are clearly intended for your building.


To ensure your mail reaches you as quickly as possible, please ensure that, in addition to your office/Department name, you provide the correct address, and postcode for your building. Please inform us if your department or unit moves by completing the change of address form.

All buildings now have a unique, satnav and online mapping friendly postcode. Some of these services are quicker than others at picking up the underlying location data but they all should catch up in time.

You should no longer use the old (cancelled) PO Box based addressing system. All new addresses are detailed in the following spreadsheet: UoR Building Addresses

Business reply services

We are able to supply postage-paid envelopes printed with the University address for surveys, research projects and similar applications. For more information, including costs, see the business reply services page.

Incoming Courier Deliveries

The central mail sorting hub in Whiteknights House is not a central delivery point for parcels and other items requiring a signature on delivery. Staff in all buildings should be careful only to sign for items clearly intended for their own building.

The size of the University and the huge volume of these kinds of parcels arriving everyday, increases the chance of courier mistakes, carlessness, laziness and worse. We have proved these types of poor customer service are a regular occurance for items addressed to Whiteknights House. We have proven it by using an 'Anonymous Signature' system for accepting incoming parcels.

This system, now computer based, issues a unique and random name to use for each delivery by each courier every day, so that no name is ever used twice from a list of over 10,000. In other words no Postal Services staff member signs using their own name. The courier can see that a formal record is kept of each of the parcels signed for, tracking numbers, destinations and the real name of the signatory is linked to each parcel. It is more secure, from the courier's point of view, than being given the name Mr M Mouse by somebody you might never see again. Postal Services staff are protected from misuse of their real names and from having no control over the security of the devices their names would otherwise be stored on.

We recommend all University sites adopt a similar system to avoid accusations of signing for items that were never actually delivered.

If you are expecting an incoming timed or secure delivery requiring a signature, first check the location it was addressed to. Each University building has its own associated delivery point and procedures for handling items requiring signatures. If you cannot find your item there, ask the sender for 'proof of delivery' and insist on a copy of the signature. When you have evidence of a name the courier claims to have obtained then email, with the tracking number, courier company used, signature details and claimed date of delivery. We will quickly tell you if we signed for it and what we did with it.

If you have not got the item and it cannot categorically be proved to have been delivered then insist on a refund or re-send. If you get no joy, tell your credit card company or equivalent. It is the company you bought the item from who have the contract with the delivery company and who have responsibilty for getting it to you.

The parcel carrier market is cut-throat and firms gain contracts with the bigger suppliers by hefty undercutting. It is not possible to offer a reliable, high quality delivery service at some of the prices charged online for delivery. Caveat emptor! There seems to be a consistent level of poor service offered by a small group of particulary cheap courier firms delivering in this area. The same group of company names comes up when trying to trace missing parcels. I won't name and shame here but where you experience regular instances of delayed or missing items, it is worth noting the name of the courier involved and trying to avoid their use in future when ordering online.

Did you know...

most mail and parcel services available in Postal Services are sold at discounted rates, so we are usually cheaper than the Post Office and other carriers!

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