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MDM User Guide (Windows Phone)

Windows Phone


  1. Windows 8.0 and 8.1 Phone devices are fully supported. However it is advised to update your device to the latest version
  2. Windows Phone devices that have Wi-Fi and VPN profiles setup will need to follow the step in this guides. Usernames and/or passwords will need to be re-entered.
  3. You have setup your device using a Microsoft account. If you don't have a Microsoft account you can sign up from your phone during setup. You will need an account to download apps.

Note: This account will be separate to your University of Reading staff login. Because the University has no control over the data held, please do not store any sensitive information on the services they provide. You can use your University of Reading email address to subscribe if you want to, but use a different password.

Before you start

When you enrol, your device will setup the following security measures:

  1. Set a PIN or password if you have not already, so do so when asked. Make sure you remember your PIN as if you get it wrong 10 times in succession your device will be wiped
  2. Your device will be encrypted. This will be done in the background so you should not see any difference. The battery use may be higher for a short period while this happens


The following steps take you through the process of enrolling a windows phone with SCCM and Intune

1. Power on your Windows Phone

2. Scroll down by swiping your finger upwards and tap on the arrow on the right hand side of the screen

3. You should then see a list of applications, Scroll down until you see the settings and open it by tapping your finger on the icon

4. Once settings has opened scroll down and select workplace

5. Click Add Account and type your email address

6. Click Sign in to proceed and workplace will start looking for you settings

7. When prompted enter your user name and password and click sign in

8. Click done to complete the device registration and to install the company app

Connecting to UoR VPN

1. Browse to the settings menu and select VPN

2. Select 'University of Reading IKEv2'

3. Enter your username and password (The username format at RDG-HOME\username) and hit connect

Connecting to UoR Wi-Fi

1. Browse to the settings menu and select Wi-Fi

2. Once the Wi-Fi scan has completed select 'eduroam'

3. Enter for the username and enter your password

4. Ensure the Wi-Fi is the same connection as shown below

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