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MDM Troubleshooting guide

Below is a guide on common technical problems associated with the MDM pilot project.

Error page displayed while enrolling

On all devices when enrolling you may get the following error.

This is a known issue, the workaround unfortunately is to retry, which means restarting the enrolment.

Android: Hit your Back button and re-enter the email address. Apple: Hit the 'Cancel' (top left) and enter your email address again. Windows: Go back using the Arrow Left icon (bottom left) and enter your email address again.

Lost connection to eduroam Wi-Fi on iPad

  1. Browse to the settings menu and select Wi-Fi
  2. Select other...
  3. On Other Network, enter 'eduroam' as Network name and tap Security

  4. Select WPA2 Enterprise and tap Other Network

  5. Enter your and password and select Join

  6. Tap dismiss

  7. Select Trust

  8. You will now be able to connect to Eduroam

Re-connecting to Eduroam on Android devices after power cycle or long sleep.

Go to your Wifi Settings then in the Advanced Settings change the following

Keep-wifi-on-during-sleep = always

Auto login = checked

My phone is not responding after enrolment.

Android and Windows Phone will start encrypting data on your phone after enrolment, this may take some time depending on the amount of data and available hardware resources.

If you keep experiencing problems with performance or unusual behaviour after the initial enrolment period then please un-enrol and de-crypt your device. It may be that the device you are using is unsuitable for your use case or may need some maintenance.

To un-enrol load the Company Portal App, sign-in if prompted. Go to 'My Devices', select the device you are using and hit the Rubbish Bin icon.

To decrypt an Android device, you will find an option in Settings\Security. There will be an option to decrypt under the Encryption section.

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