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Digital Strategy projects

Projects contained within the Digital Strategy will be delivered over the course of more than five years, with improvements planned to be delivered up to 2027 and beyond.


This page contains a list of live and completed Digital Strategy projects being led by DTS.

Live Projects

Completed Projects


  • Digital Dining Phase 1 (£3.5m worth of meal plans sold)
  • Essential credentials achieved (ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials +) to allow Henley to maintain significant contracts and bit for others to boost revenue.
  • New Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) delivered for the India Office to boost student growth
  • Technology delivered for the new Clinical Skills suite and Art Building
  • Clearing technology refresh (new contact centre) which helped led us to the most successful clearing in over a decade


  • New digital governance in place to manage the digital strategy delivery across digital teams to ensure delivery of the projects meets expectations
  • Legacy catering infrastructure retired which reduces risk to operations
  • Phishing campaigns and awareness campaigns delivered to reduce the cyber risk.
  • New Device Management and Lifecycle service to provide all staff with a high performing device, reducing the risk of operational disruption and lowering security risks of unmanaged, unpatched devices
  • HESA Data futures project completed to meet government deadlines for an increase in the number of statutory returns to HESA.

User Experience

  • 100% central classroom technology refreshed. Now looking to refresh more locally managed classrooms 
  • 35 Hybrid meeting rooms rolled out in line with new ways of working (hybrid working)
  • New Laptop loan service in the Library to provide students with better devices or help to improve levels of digital poverty
  • Learning Capture phase 2 (bring your own device) allows colleagues to carry our learning capture on their laptop as well as the PC in the room.
  • Envisioning Centre (new ways of working) Proof of Concept to visualise the future working environment.
  • Jisc digital capabilities proof of concept (PoC) in Henley to help understand gaps in digital capabilities/literacy for us to be able to build appropriate training programs to address them.
  • New Wi-Fi for Greenlands to improve the user experience.


  • Device Strategy and Lifecycle implementation allows devices to be re-used rather than scrapped. 
  • Data centre consolidation and cloud migration (reducing our carbon footprint and utilities costs)