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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Programme


This is a multi-year, multi-faceted and multi million (around £3m) programme of work that aims to transform our student lifecycle experience and journey as well as improve the collective awareness of our global interactions.


The programme includes new modules/platforms for student recruitment, student case management, alumni relations and global engagement.



  • Student growth (recruitment)

  • More personalised and improved student user journey (from prospect to alumni)

  • Engagement insights across multiple channels (business to business and business to student)

  • All interactions captured in the one place.

  • Reduces the number of separate CRMs further reducing cost and complexity


Strategic alignment

  • Growth (student growth)

  • Staff and Student Experience

  • Community

  • Productivity Benefit

  • Risk reduction

  • Sustainability (Financial)



Start Finish
January 2024
  • Spring 2025 - recruitment
  • Other programme deliverables to be confirmed