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Individual departments within the University run a series of events for schools and colleges every year. There are subject specific days in English Literature, History, Art and Finance & Investment banking. Find below some of the events that were run for schools and colleges in the academic year 2013/14. 

University preview day:  English Literature - Gothic Masterclass

Date: Monday 30 June 2014

Location: Whiteknights Campus; Humanities and Social Sciences Building

This event invited Year 12 students to study English Literature at university for a day. Students examined in detail the atmospheric short story 'Green Tea', by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.

Research-active academics led:

two mini-lectures, exploring context and biography, and Victorian medicine and mysticism;

seminars, practising close-reading in small groups;

a workshop, discussing the narrative frame;

writing practice, planning an essay on Gothic literature.


2014 Gothic masterclass


Art & Design Portfolio Day

Date: Thursday 10 July 2014  

Location : Whiteknights Campus; Department of Art

Reading University's Art and Design Portfolio Preparation workshop guided students through a choice of practical projects in different subjects, encouraging them to develop their own ideas and work towards delivering a bespoke work of Art. Students were given advice on how to research a subject, solve problems creatively and develop a critical awareness of their work and artistic practices.

The application process to Foundation or BA courses can be a difficult and a daunting process. This course provided students of all levels and abilities with the opportunity to develop more work, as well as giving guidance on preparing portfolios and getting ready for interviews.

Students could add to their portfolio from a range of 4 subjects options:

Making an Animation Workshop

How are animated gifs and animations produced? Excerpts from Hollywood and Manga films were examined, accompanied by a discussion on how the scenes are structured. An animated clip was produced in the Department of Art and output as a video file.

"A day with letters" Design Workshop

How do letters appear on your phone's screen? And why do they look different from one site or app to the next? How are they made, and what are the possible styles? The design of letters for communication, along with some of the best contemporary work in type design, was explored and examined through sketching and mock-ups of a smartphone application.

'A Creature in a Cup' interactive Sculpture Workshop

This workshop provided hands-on experience with technology, introducing participants to simple electronics (using littleBits explored through creative art based workshops.

Using everyday materials, with an accompanying discussion of some ideas considering temporary, interactive artworks, students worked to create 'A Creature in a Cup'.

Through the use of electronics, there was the chance to bring the cup to life, (e.g. using little Bits, creatures could for example make synthesised sounds in response to a sensor, link to a series of LED lights, trigger movement or activate a motor). These creatures existed just for a day, with their movements, shapes and sounds captured in a short video recording their life cycle from cup to creature.

Wood block Printing Workshop

Wood block printing is the most ancient form of print making, which has a history stretching from China to Western Europe over nearly 2000 years.

In this introductory class the history of printing was explored through a short lecture and discussion; there was also the opportunity for students to create and printing their own blocks. All materials were provided and students finished the lesson with a series of printed images of their own original design.


ICMA Centre Stock Market Trading Competition

Date: Monday 23 June 2014

Location:  Whiteknights Campus, The Henley Business School, ICMA Centre

For further detail please see the flyer below.

Share dealing competition 


Exploring History Summer School

Date: 3-4 July 2014

Location: Whiteknights Campus; Humanities and Social Sciences Building

The theme of this year's programme was Exploring History and invited History students making the transition from AS Level to A Level, and considering studying History at university, to attend a one-day exciting and innovative source-based session. Students had the chance to interact with some of Britain's leading historical brains, find out what studying History at university is all about and talk to current University students about their own experiences of university. 

Please email if you would like to be put on our mailing list about events in History, or if you have any questions or suggestions about activities for schools or the transition to university.

Exploring History Summer School 2014 


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