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Eduroam troubleshooting

Many eduroam (or indeed any Wi-Fi) connectivity problems are often the result of device settings or user error. The number one cause of tickets "unable to connect to eduroam" is incorrect username being used! Here are some things you can try for yourself:

Verify your username/email address and password

Your username for eduroam is in the format (not your email address). 

Make sure that you're trying to connect to eduroam

Check that you are trying to connect to "eduroam", and not one of the other wi-fi networks.

Try removing eduroam and re-adding it on your device

If you already have eduroam but it won't connect, forget (or delete) it and reconnect following our instructions

NB If you're a Mac user make sure eduroam is your preferred network.

Restart your device: Switch it off and on again!

Check your Wi-Fi is switched on

Toggle Wi-Fi off and then on again to make sure you're connected to the closest Wi-Fi access point which will have the best signal.

Make sure your device is up-to-date

Check your device for software updates, and install them (you'll need to on a different network for this to work)

Problems at a particular spot on campus

If your eduroam connection works fine everywhere else but you can't connect in a particular spot, report the coverage issue to the IT Service Desk. We'll need to know where you were, what time, and what URL you were trying to get to.

Possible outage in your area

It is always possible there's an issue with eduroam. Check DTS Status Hub for outage reports. 

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