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Apple Device Support

Enrol your Apple Device with IT in order to receive vital support

Enrolling your device means that the IT Service Desk can access your device remotely and offer support when something goes wrong.

If your device is not enrolled then the IT Service Desk will be unable to access your device and assist you with any issues with it.

This new service is directly related to feedback received by Staff Members in the IT Survey, where Apple Device Support was requested to be improved.

How do I enrol my device?

Please click the button below to Enrol your Apple Device now:

Further benefits:

The latest Software Upgrades

Enrolling with IT means that we can make sure your device has the latest software updates. Keep your software up to date and avoid any issues that could arise with new releases of software.


If you enrol, we will be able to make sure your device is kept secure with Sonos Security software and keep it up to date so it can handle the latest in online threats.

Back up of your Data

If you lose or your device is stolen IT can quickly wipe the device and have the data uploaded to a new one.

Mac Lab Support

If you manage a group of Macs we can help you easily wipe, upload or manage these devices. All this functionality can be done centrally without any additional work.

What about new devices?

All new Apple devices will come with Apple Device Support enabled as standard.

How do I enrol my device?

Click the link below:

Enrol now