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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is now available to students

Click HERE to activate your account

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning, run by LinkedIn and owned by Microsoft, is an online educational platform now available to current University of Reading students, using UoR login credentials, that offers professional and expert-led video tutorials based around three main themes - Business, Technology & Creative.

It is flexible - accessible through a web browser or via the iOS/Android app for mobile devices, with bite-size and longer content, full playback controls, time-coded transcripts and the ability to download content for offline use.

All staff should continue to access all their own learning and development through UoRLearn, which offers tailored development in the same way for all University staff, plus the ability to deliver virtual classrooms (similar to WebEx).

What is available for students?

Thousands of courses are available and the University of Reading has licensed LinkedIn Learning for all current students, accessible through your usual University of Reading login credentials. To assist students, those staff who need to provide support to students will also have access for review purposes only, so they can determine what is suitable, relevant, and should be recommended.

Once you're logged in, you can search for or be recommended courses relevant to your interests from the entire Learning Library of content, and track your progress within the platform.

As an optional step, you can connect your learning with your LinkedIn profile if you have one, allowing you to display certificates of course completion to enhance your profile.

This is intended to be an optional supplemental resource, and is in no way a replacement to academic teaching.

Students can use it to:

  • Improve IT skills
  • Enhance employability and showcase skills to employers
  • Consolidate and expand understanding of creative software tools
  • Learn something outside of the curriculum

Where do I access it?

Note: You may need to use Multi Factor Authentication to verify yourself when logging in.

LinkedIn Learning is accessed by going directly to the LinkedIn Learning homepage and clicking the 'Sign in' button at the top of the screen, then entering your UoR email address and clicking 'Continue' to allow login with UoR Username and Password credentials.

Alternatively, you can log in to the Office365 Portal and click on "All Apps", then scroll down the page to the All Apps section, and click on the LinkedIn Learning icon.

Please note: If you have an existing LinkedIn profile, that uses your Reading email address as the primary email, you may encounter difficulties initially logging in. Follow this link for instructions how to change your LinkedIn primary email to prevent any conflicts.

Help & Support

As this is an external resource, for any queries regarding use of the LinkedIn Learning website or app please do not contact the IT Service Desk - there is a comprehensive Help Center available to assist you, in multiple languages. If however you are not able to sign in using your UoR credentials, please do get in touch.


What are the minimum browser requirements to access LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn provide details on the Minimum System Requirements through their help site.

Is LinkedIn Learning free to use?

Yes, providing you sign in using your UoR credentials as the University of Reading has arranged the licenses.

Do I need to have or create a LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIn Learning?

No, you can use LinkedIn Learning independently without connecting it to your LinkedIn account, but there are benefits to doing this as you can add course completion certificates to your LinkedIn profile for prospective employers to see. Additionally, to keep a record of your progress after you leave the University you will need to have connected your LinkedIn profile.

Will the University have access to my personal LinkedIn account?

No, staff with an admin role for LinkedIn Learning will only be able to see learning activities such as the courses and/or videos that have been viewed in LinkedIn Learning, nothing from your LinkedIn profile is accessible.

Is there a LinkedIn Learning app?

Yes, available from the Google Play store or the Apple App store - or just search for 'LinkedIn Learning' through your mobile device.

What should I do if I already have a LinkedIn Learning account that I have paid for myself?

Contact LinkedIn Learning directly to discuss transferring your existing account, including any learning history, over to your University account.

Where can I get live support with using LinkedIn Learning?

Live Chat is available in English, French, German and Spanish. From the Help Center, select 'Start chat' under the 'Chat with support' option.

Will I still have access to LinkedIn Learning after leaving University?

No, once you are no longer a current student and you lose access to your University account, your license will be revoked. If your LinkedIn Learning account has been connected with your LinkedIn profile, you will be able to save your learning history and if you get a license again in future (either paid for personally or through a future employer or educational institution) you can reactivate it then.

How do I find content relevant to me?

There are many courses and videos available, after you log in for the first time you will be able to select your interests and will receive recommendations. You can also search using the Search box at the top of the page. In future curated playlists of content called 'Learning Paths' will be available, developed by particular areas of the University.

LinkedIn Learning Useful Links