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Leaders in their field

Dr Richard Blakemore: Piracy, power and identity

Richard's research explores how sailors had more power and significance than they were credited with. They existed in networks that spread across the world, and it was their labour and travel that facilitated economic growth.


Professor Emily West: Changing the future

Emily actively attempts to engage the wider public with her research, through events such as 2016's 'Mothering Slaves: Motherhood, Childlessness, and the Care of Children from Slavery to Emancipation' conference.

Dr Rohan Deb Roy: Empowering history's hidden voices

Rohan is inspired by the school of History that emerged from South Asia called Subaltern Studies - this focuses on writing from below and how we can give a voice to those who currently lack one in history.

Dr Ruth Salter: Investigating the world of medieval health and healing

Join Ruth on a journey through the high Middle Ages (specifically the long twelfth century) discussing experiences of health, ill health, and healing.

Dr Natalie Thomlinson: Gender and feminism

Natalie is a historian of feminism and gender and an Associate Professor of Modern British Cultural History at the University of Reading.

Professor Matthew Worley: Punk and politics

Matthew grew up with punk culture, and found himself fascinated by it. Today he is a Professor of Modern History at the University of Reading, researching youth subcultures.

Professor Rebecca Rist: Examining medieval heresy

Rebecca's research interests include the history of crusading, Jewish-Christian relations, heresy, the medieval Church, the papacy, religious belief and political ideas in the High and Late Middle Ages.

Dr Jacqui Turner: Female pioneers in politics

Jacqui's desire to inspire her students stems from her own past. Proud to call herself a feminist, Jacqui grew up in a northern post-industrial town surrounded by the political turmoil of the 1970s and 1980s.

Inspirational students 

Where can history take you? Open the door to a variety of careers.

Meet some of our graduates to see where their degrees have taken them.

Sian David: Exploring history's hidden voices

Siân had the opportunity to undertake independent research projects and study abroad.

Abbie Tibbott: Making history

Abbie is now pursuing her PhD on Conservative Cabinet politics of the 1920s, with a focus on citizenship and women’s voting rights.

Beth Snyder: Keeping her options open

Beth was chosen for the University's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP). She spent 6 weeks during the summer researching Barack Obama's climate change rhetoric.


Life in Reading

Step off campus and you'll find yourself in a bustling town centre offering a variety of shops, restaurants and activities. We're also well-connected – you can reach London Paddington within half an hour by train. 


Meet the team

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Life on campus

Our main campus is set on 130 hectares of beautiful parkland, so you'll find plenty of places to relax. Our campus is home to a thriving community and features the Students' Union, Library and places to eat.