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Windows 11

Why upgrade?

Microsoft have announced that they will stop support for Windows 7 in January 2020 which means that they will no longer provide vital security updates or bug/feature patches for it.

As Windows 7 is still the main operating system used at the University, we need to upgrade all our Windows 7 computers to Windows 10 before 2020. We will be doing this with a phased rollout up until that point.

As well as reducing the risk to the University if we were to keep using older operating systems, this upgrade provides the opportunity for the University to improve the user experience and to reduce some of the costs of running multiple operating systems.

When can I upgrade?

You will see a device message like this on your computer when the computer is ready to upgrade.

If there is no device message on your computer, this means that the device is not yet ready to upgrade and is being checked

After the check completes, if the computer requires pre-work, the project will contact you directly.

If you are an academic, you no longer need to pre-register your computer for upgrade.


What do you want to do?


What happens if I do not upgrade?

Windows 7 machines will incur a steady loss of services from 15 January: removal of off-campus internet access followed by inability to use the Microsoft Office, Google Chrome and Firefox applications

Why can't I find the upgrade file on my computer?

This will mean that your computer is not ready to upgrade yet and the upgrade file has not been issued. This could be because your computer has yet to be reviewed, in which case the file will become available once this has taken place. You will receive a pop-up message on your computer when the file becomes available.

Otherwise, it will be because the computer has been identified as needing pre-upgrade work and the upgrade file has been held back until this is resolved. You will be contacted separately to arrange the pre-upgrade support.

How long does the upgrade take?

Consider upgrading overnight. It can take up to 4 hours to complete. Make sure you leave your computer in a secure location.

Why have I received a Service Desk ticket?

You may have received a ticket from the Windows 10 Technicians asking to carry out some pre-work on your computer before you can upgrade.

The type of pre-work will be:

  • Low disk space and needing to make more disk space available
  • Removing known incompatible software

You might also be contacted if the technical review indicates that your computer has to be upgraded through a wipe and load process.

Please respond to these tickets as soon as you can.

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