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Tech table and lab PCs

Change of Documents and Favourites folder location on Tech Table PCs

The following change applies to those who use Tech Tables (or PC labs), where you are logging in to different computers.

What is changing?

In File Explorer or Open/Save application dialogues, the location used for Documents (aka My Documents) is changing from the N drive to a new Profiles location on Tech Table computers.
Your Favourites, if you used them, is also changing to this new Profiles location.

The storage location for all your files should now be OneDrive for Business. Your Profile is a temporary store with less space, so please copy any files to OneDrive at the end of your session (especially if you need to access them away from the Tech Table PC).  Using OneDrive means you can access your files from anywhere, without needing VPN.

Why we are making this change?

Our N drive provision is being phased out this year, with staff N drives becoming read-only in July. We know that a few applications are unable to save directly to a Cloud location, so we are providing a different Profiles location for use with software that does not work well with OneDrive. ,

For more information about the transition to OneDrive for Business, please see the main OneDrive webpage.

Important information 

Unlike your N drive, your Profile is only accessible on campus. If you forget to copy the files at the end of the session, you can access the Documents folder from any computer on campus by going to \\\profiles$\username\Documents (where username is your University username).

Profiles have a storage quota of 3GB, and will be backed up nightly. A snapshot will also be taken 3 times a day, 07:00, 12:00 and 17:00 so that files can be restored.

What do I need to do now?

If you have files still in N:\my documents, the Tech Table PCs will still have this available until the summer. This gives you an opportunity to move files to your OneDrive if you have not done already.