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Tech Table PCs, Library PCs, PC Labs & AVD (UoR Student Desktop)

Where to save files in these locations:


OneDrive for Business

Use: Long term storage of files.

OneDrive for Business (ODfB) is available to you for your file storage.  It provides TBs of space for you to use which you can access from anywhere and on any device connected to the Internet.

All Tech Table PCs, Library PCs, Lab PCs and AVD (UoR Student Desktop) have a shortcut on the desktop to, from where you can get access to OneDrive.

Your Documents folder (also known as your profile drive)

Use: Temporary storage of files.

Your Documents folder in the above locations is redirected to a network storage location, known as your Profile drive, which is available to use as temporary file storage when working from applications on these PCs.

It is important to note that the Documents folder in these locations is for temporary storage of files whilst working on them, which you will then need to upload to your OneDrive at the end of the session for long term storage.  Once your files are saved to OneDrive at the end of your session, you will need to remove them from the Documents folder on the PC you have been using.

Important information

  • The Documents folder on Tech Table PCs, Library PCs, Lab PC’s and the UoR Student Desktop on AVD, is only to be used as a temporary storage area to save and work on files during your session.
  • Files need to be uploaded to your OneDrive at the end of your session and then once successfully uploaded, removed from the Documents Folder on the PC you have been using.
  • You can access your OneDrive by going to (you may need to log in again).
  • Instructions on how to upload to OneDrive: OneDrive Knowledge Base item
  • Ensure your files upload to OneDrive successfully before removing from your Documents folder.

For more information about using OneDrive for Business, please see the DTS OneDrive webpage.

Updated by lm920207 on 04/04/23