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PC Labs - DTS

Whiteknights Main

Lab Name

Opening times and restrictions Capacity
Allen Lab G10 Building opening hours 48
Palmer 101 Building opening hours 40
Palmer G05B Building opening hours 34
Palmer G09*
24 hours 20
Edith Morley 173         0800 - 2100, Postgraduates only 10

Whiteknights Earley Gate

Lab Name Opening times Capacity
Agriculture GL20*
24 hours      30 
Brian Hoskins GL68* (Meteorology)
24 hours    20  

Whiteknights Library (bookable rooms)

Floor Opening times Capacity
Ground G12 Building opening hours

First 102 Building opening hours 12
First 103 Building opening hours 12

In addition to the bookable PC Labs, we also have "first come first served" PCs on the first, second and third floors of the Library.

London Road

Building Opening times Capacity
L33 Building opening hours 32

Greenlands Campus 

Building Opening times Capacity
Business Centre 24 hours

2 PCs, 1 monitor (for BYOD)

Business Library

Mon-Fri 8:30-18:30 

Sat-Sun 9:00-17:00 

2 PCs, 1 monitor (for BYOD)

Quiet Study Space 24 hours  4 PCs, 2 monitors (for BYOD)


24 hour lab locations*


Brian Hoskins (Met)

Entrance to the Meteorology building.


We are saving energy!

Over vacations we will be switching off the PCs and monitors in the PC Labs to save energy.

  • Switch on: You will need to turn on the PC and monitor using their power buttons.
  • Switch off: When you've finished, please switch them off again before you leave.