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PC Labs - DTS

Whiteknights Main

Lab Name

Opening times and restrictions Capacity
Allen G10 Building opening hours 25
Palmer 101 Building opening hours 20
Palmer G09 24 hours* 11
Edith Morley 173 0800 - 2100, Postgraduates only 5
URS G15 Currently under renovation 136

Whiteknights Early Gate

Lab Name Opening times and restrictions Capacity
Agriculture GL20 24 hours* 17
Met GL68 24 hours* TBC


Floor Details Capacity

1x Lab 10 PCs

1x Bank 4 PCs



Second Small bank in Foyer 3
Fourth Small bank in Foyer 3

* 24 hour lab provision is generally term time only. Opening times may vary outside of term. Please check the specific room.

Labs generally provide a multi-function printer/scanner/photocopier. These are generally both B/W and colour, although some locations may not support printing/photocopying to A3.

The current capacity of lab computers is reduced to adhere to social distancing.