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Learning Capture - enabled teaching spaces

YuJa Learning Capture is ready to use in all centrally-bookable teaching spaces at Whiteknights and London Road.

Learning Capture-enabled rooms are fitted with microphones best suited to their size and layout, this will be either a specialist ceiling/wall-mounted microphone or a lapel microphone. YuJa software will be installed on the main PC. This set-up provides a recording of the session audio, along with anything presented on the screen, such as PowerPoint slides.

For information on how to make a recording in any YuJa-equipped room, please visit the TEL YuJa Help Page.

View Learning Capture rooms for:

The following centrally bookable rooms are YuJa-enabled:


  • indicates Lapel Microphone must be worn to capture audio for recordings.
  • b indicates room is Bring Your Own Device ready (connect your own laptop).
  • PC indicates that a room is a PC lab.

Whiteknights Campus (bookable)

Building Room number

GL20-PCb, GL22, 1L04b, 1L06b, 1L08b, 1L10, 1L14b, 1L16b, 1U02b,

Madejskib and Nikeb Lecture Theatres

Allen Lab G09b, G10-PCb
Archaeology 13
Brian Hoskins (Met) GL68-PC, GU01b
101b, 201b

G01b, G02b, G03b, G04b, G05b, G06b, G07b, G08b, G11b, G12b, G13b, G14b, G15b and 100b

Chemistry LT1, LT2, LTG

Edith Morley

G10b, G25b, G27, G44b, G57b, G74b

110b, 124b, 125b, 126Fb, 127b (126Fb and 127Jb), 128b, 141b, 144b, 150, 173-PCb, 175b, 176/7b, 181b, 188b, 257b, 280b, 287b, 288b, 301b, 308b,

Van Emden Lecture TheatreM

Foxhill House G02b, G03b, 104b
Harry Nursten 233b, 234b
Henley Business School

G03, G04, G11M, 201

Hopkins 101b
JJ Thomson

117b, 141b, DitchburnM and SlingoM Lecture Theatres

Library G12, 102, 103
Maths 100b, 104b, 108b, 113b, 212b, 215b, 304b, 314b
Miller G05b, G19

G01, G02, G03, G04, G05, G05B-PCb, G06, G09-PCb, G10M

101-PCb, 102b, 103b, 104, 105b, 106b, 107, 108, 109, 111

TOB2 Typography D5
URS Building is out of service

London Road (bookable)

Building Room number
L16 G06b
L19 G25b, G27b

G01, G03b, G04, G06, G07, 102b, 103b, 108b, 109b, 110b, 111b, 113b, 114b

L29 G02, 101b
L33 G01, G12b, 101b, 120b

Learning Capture Rooms - Department owned


We have also equipped some department owned rooms with enhanced audio for lecture capture. These can only be booked directly with the department, not through central room booking



  • indicates Lapel Microphone must be worn to capture audio for recordings.
  • b indicates room is Bring Your Own Device ready (connect your own laptop).
  • PC indicates that a room is a PC lab.
Building Room number
Allen Lab G08
Chancellors  101M
Edith Morley 226, 227, 228, 230
Harry Pitt G37M, G79b
Health & Life Science  G03 Seminar RoomM
Henley Business School

G10b, G15 Segro Lecture Theatre, 108, 208 Brixton Seminar Room

ICMA  G07M, G08M, G09M, G50M, 150
London Road - L10  G01 Lab 1M, G01 Lab 2M, G01 Lab 3M
London Road - L24  G06 
London Road - L29  G01M 
London Road - L46  G06M, G10M, 101M, 109M  
Meteorology  1L61M
Polly Vacher  184M, 185, G45-PCM, G56M


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In classroom support
If you need in classroom support (including AV support), please phone the IT Service Desk on 6262 or 0118 378 6262 (mobile)
Guides & information

If you need help or advice with using Yuja, please raise a call with the IT Service Desk, who will be able to put you in touch with TEL specialist support for Yuja. 

For further information and guidance, you can also visit the TEL YuJa Help Pages, where you will find:

Help & Resources

Learning Capture FAQs

Case Studies

If you have a technical issue, the DTS Knowledge Base (search "Yuja") contains articles and troubleshooting for common technical issues.