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User Account Management

User Guides

Below is a list of user guides related to UAM.

These are the current user guides for Sailpoint IIQ (MyID):



Q1. What is SailPoint IIQ and what does it do?

A. SailPoint IIQ is the University’s Identity and Access Management system which manages the activation, disabling and validation of IT User Accounts for Employees, Students and Externals.  In documentation it is also referred to as the IIQ User Account Management (UAM) system, or just IIQ. 

Q2. How do I login to SailPoint IIQ?

A. SailPoint IIQ is available via the web address The procedure for logging into IIQ is similar for all users. However, the IIQ Homepage may differ depending on the type of user you are. Please refer to Sailpoint IIQ Login and Navigation Guide.

Q3. How to report a problem with IIQ?

A. Please log a call in TOPdesk in the first instance, if you have access to the application. If you do not, please raise a ticket with the IT Service Desk via IT Self Service Portal or call 0118 3786262 (6262 if you are calling internally). The normal business hours of support from IT Service Desk is from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. There is no support available outside office hours.

Q4. Can I access SailPoint IIQ remotely? 

A. Sailpoint IIQ can now be accessed both on and off campus.  Point your preferred browser at


Employees, Approvers and Externals

Q1. How do I create an External Staff account?

A. An External Staff/External Student account can only be requested by a current employee.

The Create External request form can be found under the UoR Quicklinks, on the sidebar menu, which is accessed by clicking on the "burger menu" ☰ icon from your Homepage.

The following restrictions apply to External staff accounts

  • No access to locally installed Office applications (can use online applications)
  • No access to University owned Windows computers allocated to individuals

If an External staff account requires access to locally installed Microsoft Office applications or requires a University assigned Windows device, they will need a paid licence. The Licence will be paid for by the sponsoring department. Once you have received the new external account details please use the IT Self Service Portal to request a licence or contact the IT Service Desk. Please refer to the ‘Requesting or Approving an External Account’ guide.

Q2. How do I request an account extension?

A. A request for an employee account to be extended can be made by either the employee before leaving, or by their line manager. Only the Sponsor can request an extension for an External Account.

The Request Extension form can be found under the UoR Quicklinks menu which is accessed by clicking on the "burger menu" ☰ icon from your Homepage.

Please refer to the ‘Requesting or Approving a Staff or External Extension’ guide

Q3. How do I close an external account early?

A. Use the standard IIQ User Account Management (UAM) system extension request process and specify today’s date as the new extension date.  For details on this process please refer to the ‘Requesting or Approving a Staff or External Extension’ guide.

Q4. I am unable to submit a Create External form for approval, why?

A. There could be a variety of reasons, both technical and non-technical, so you should contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

All calls must be logged in TOPdesk in the first instance. So,

a. Please log a call on TOPdesk, if you have access to the application.

b. If you are unable to log a call on TOPdesk then please contact IT Service Desk on 01183786262 or 6262 if you are calling internally.

Q5. How does the Approver get notified when a request for creating an external or requesting an extension has been submitted?

A. The request appears in the Latest Forms section of the Approver's MyID homepage and they also get a notification via email. The Approver will login to IIQ to approve or reject the request.

Q6. How long does it take to get new employee from Trent into SailPoint IIQ?

A. Once a complete employee record is available in Trent, IIQ will be notified and a new account will be created overnight.

The account information will be in Trent for the next morning but it may take an extra 24 hours for the new account information to be available in other systems e.g. Staff Directory search.

Q7. How long does it take to get a new student from RISIS into SailPoint IIQ?

A. Once a complete ATR’d student record is available in RISIS, IIQ will be notified and a new account will be created overnight. 

The account information will be updated in RISIS by the following morning.

Q8. What can I use SailPoint IIQ for?

A. You can use SailPoint IIQ to manage your IT account, including:

  • View your identity cube
  • View your reportees identity cubes

UoR employees can also:

  • Request the creation of an external account for someone else (an external) coming to the university
  • Request an account extension 

Approvers can also:

  • Delegate approval requests for a specific or unlimited time period.

Q9. Who can view my account?

A. Your account can be viewed by yourself, your line manager, their line manager, and so on up the hierarchy.  Members of the IT Service Desk and IIQ Systems Administrators can also view your account.

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