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Communicating with Teams

The University of Reading uses Microsoft Teams for making and receiving telephone calls (also known as Voice over IP or VoIP telephony).This means that most staff use the Teams app on their computer, rather than having a desk telephone. This has been invaluable as we've moved from campus to home and back to campus again.

The most up to date instructions for using Teams for calling are on the Microsoft website: Calls and devices

Headsets & Teams telephones

Headsets: All headsets should be purchased through your department via XMA. We supplied Sennheiser SC75 and Jabra headsets, but any headset with a microphone and USB connection is suitable. 

Webcams also need to be purchased through your department (through XMA).

Teams Telephone Handsets:  If you need a handset in a shared area, please contact the IT Service Desk (link on right). 

Old handsets: Old handsets should be collected together for collection and disposal. Local admin staff can book a collection using this form: Place a Request - Telephony Services

Telephone extension numbers: Your Teams telephone number is like your email address, it belongs to you. if you move roles within the University, you keep your number. If you leave, the number will be recycled for a new starter.  If your department needs to keep a telephone number, you should let DTS know so we can reserve it.

Getting a new Teams telephone number: If someone doesn't have a dial pad/telephone number and needs external calling, raise a ticket using the form on the Office 365- Teams page on the IT Self Service portal. This applies to new starters as well. 

Download guides

Headset Quick Start Guide - Headset Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Phone Quick Start Guide - Phone Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Troubleshooting headset problems (Word)

Policy guidelines for using Microsoft Teams (chat, storage and recording meetings): Guidelines for using Microsoft Teams

Useful links

Download Teams:

Microsoft Teams training and videos: Microsoft Teams Help Centre

Five minute video showing you Teams: Microsoft Teams demo